Nicole Quadrio

Location: South London

I am a womenswear designer and multidisciplinary artist, with over a decade of industry experience relating to fashion design, visual merchandising and styling, within which I freelance to support my practice. My work draws upon ideas relating to psychology, and consciousness, and throughout this year I have been developing a new collection that touches upon important topics such as identity and mental health and looks at the human condition in a world with new kinds of interactivity. I have a particular interest in the digital, whether that is material and fabric creation, or the use of new technologies in promoting my work, and produce work that is process-driven. My work has been featured in numerous publications such as Vogue Italia, Indie, Rollacoaster and Wonderland, and been shown at events including London Fashion Week 2017.


Styling Publications

2020 Wonderland, SS printed Issue
2019 Rollacoaster, Tiggy Hawke interview photo shoot, SS printed Issue
2018 Feroce Magazine, “New Machines - An Operation Booklet” editorial

Garments Features

2017 Tocksick Magazine, “Marionette” editorial
2016 Vogue Italia, online
2016 Indie Magazine, editorial
2016 Kaltblut Magazine, “This is us” editorial
2016 Huf Magazine, “Where is my head” editorial
2015 Rise Magazine, online
2015 Dreamingless Magazine, “Until I found you” editorial

Styling Campaigns

2020 AW Olubiyi Thomas (assistant)
2020 SS Olubiyi Thomas (assistant)
2018 SS Adexe Watches
2018 AW Adexe Watches
2017 AW for Adexe Watches
2016 SS for Adexe Watches
2016 AW for Adexe Watches