Location: London
Website: www.nicolecaodie.com

Nicole is a interdisciplinary artist, with a reputation of creative campaign direction that highlights social and ecological issues. Using methodologies in performance art, social sculpture and interdisciplinary practice, she recognises the visual arts as key tools for drawing attention to and connecting aesthetics to ethics. Nicole has exhibited internationally and aided organisations and collaborations across Europe that seek to make demands on policy change.

Her arts practice explores questions surrounding the dynamic between connective aesthetics, socially engaged practice, science/environment and how the role of imagination, play and beauty can be the founding arena for transformation and development.

Founding her work on the philosophies of Schiller, Kant, Goethe and Heidegger, her current research questions the relevance of autonomous agency and communal imagination in reaching across borders to ignite new practices in activism and facilitation. She currently teaches in the Netherlands and offers talks, workshops and consultation for NGO’s and ethical organisations. From September 2019 Nicole will begin teaching sculpture in Islington London.


2018. Gold Diggers, Daarslopers Exhibition, Tivoli Utrecht NL

2017. Teacher of Social Sculpture, F/T - Vrijehogeachool, Zeist NL

2016 The Space: Borderland Arts Festival, Boesdael Denmark

2015 Rederij Lampedusa: Amsterdam, Holland

2015 Risk The Shit Show: Berlin, Germany

2015 Shakespears Tribe – Victoria & Albert Museaum, London

2015 The Fools: European Performing Arts Festival, Prague

2014 The Future: Flash Dance (BBC3), Tate Modern

2014 Politika: Video, Lecture and publication on Art Activism, Manchester

2014 Dance Journeys: Nowhere Arts, Sariñena, Spain

2014 Scratch: Dance on Epilepsy, Safehouse, London

2014 Gorilla Zoo: Interactive performance, Bunker 51, London

2014 Sweet Ditch: Safehouse, London

2014 SOD OFF: NICOLA-Arts, London British Council and EU funded

2013 Song Of The Earth: Ecological Citizenship, Canford Theatre, Dorset

2013 Fenivcie Veloci: Contemporary Art Quarterly, Italy

2013 Crossing Borders: SOMArts, San Francisco, LA, Mexico City, Tijuana

2013 This is it and Nothing more: Vibes Gallery, London

2012 TUC – OUT OF ORBIT: MU Theatre, Budapest

2012 Decent Into Matter: Muszi Incubator Arts, Budapest

2012 Artist/Dancer in Residence, Research Into The Unknown - Trafo Contemporary Art House, Hungary

2012 Illuminate: Pegasus Theatre, Oxford

2012 Animal Testing Campaign: Lush Cosmetics Performance, London

2012 Ivy Dance and Contrast Experiment: Pegasus Theatre, Oxford

2012 The Generative Dwelling: Kidlington, Oxford

2011 Plugged In Tuned Out: Oxford City Center

2010 Opening Ceremony: Nowhere Arts Festival, Spain

2010 The Listening Bed: Installation and Sculpture, London

2010 SVA: Artists residency, Stroud

2010 Kendrick Street Gallery: Performance, Stroud

2009 Sarah Maloney: Bronze-casting apprenticeship, Nova Scotia, Canada

2009 David Clark: Biography of Wittgenstein, Nova Scotia, Canada

2009 The Invisible Performances: Live Acts, London

2009 G20: Artport Colridge Performance, London

2009 Freeze Art Fair: Club Nutz, London


Avant-garde Hair sculpture of the Year 2015
British Council YI Award 2013
European YI Award 2013
Nominated for Lush Public Awareness Award 2012
Trafo Scholarship and Award 2012
Oxford Brookes Postgraduates Award 2012
Byam Shaw CSM Students Artwork Award 2010

Research Into The Unknown- Dancer in Residence - Trafo, Budapest
Risk The Shit Show – Artist In Residence – Butendiek, Berlin

Previous Education.
Oxford Brookes University, MA Social Sculpture
Byam Shaw, Central St. Martins, UAL, FDA Fine Art Skills and Practice