Location: London
Website: http://nican.me

My name is Niccolò Angeli (aka Nican) and I define myself as a "visual wanderer". That’s because wandering is what I do most. A friend of mine used to divide human beings between omelets and skyscrapers: I would definitely be an omelet, I am too curious to become an over-specialized human being… and I am a serendipity addict.

My wildest passion is to combine things again and again. If I didn’t have to produce finished pictures for a living, my life would probably be spent on a ”forever unfinished drawing”, made of signs that come and find a place to stay and then leave again for other destinations. I like to think of my works as temporary frames of this endless drawing which fluctuates in my mind (cool uh?).

Currently my work is focused in exploring the threshold between mathematics and art (sacred geometry, fractals and mandalas), but I am also working in social art projects and interactive installations.
Besides this, I work as an illustrator and graphic designer.


2014 - COCOCO: Contemporary Como Contest - Como (Italy)
2012 - La Borsa o la Vita - Siena (Italy)
2012 - Dei e Tempi - Siena (Italy)
2009 - AGITA - Roma (Italy)
2009 - Colors - Firenze (Italy)
2009 - Rotte Metropolitane - Firenze(Italy)
2008 - Freeshout!? - Prato (Italy)
2006 - Freeshout!? - Prato (Italy)
2006 - DAB, design per artshop e bookshop - Modena (Italy)
2005 - Micasa - Roma (Italy)
2005 - Rotte Metropolitane - Firenze(Italy)
2002 - Primavera d’arte - Firenze (Italy)