Nathan Caldecott


Location: London

Born Manchester, 1995.

Sculptor and digital artist.

Engaging with architecture, finance, and social theory, my practice has a focus on digital models, and their statehood in physical spaces. I’m interested in the dual functions these models have: the roles they have to play as structural units, and the roles they could play as containers of value. Creating a redirected form of minimalist sculpture, my work creates a distinct distance between these dual functions, and, with a coded sense of mischief, uses objects of physical value to intercept and amplify their visual systems.

Graduate from the Ruskin School of Art (BFA, 2017), and from the Manchester School of Art (Foundation, 2014).

Lives and works in London.



Render Stations (solo) - Modern Art Oxford, Oxford

Ruskin Degree Show - Bullingdon Road, Oxford


Together Art Prize - Stockport Art Gallery, Stockport

Somewhereto_ - Brierfield Library, Nelson

Rothko Chapel - Music House, St. Catherine's College, Oxford

Screen - Apiary, St. Catherine's College, Oxford

PoMo Summer - Project Space, Bullingdon Road, Oxford

Dolphiennale - Dolphin Gallery, St. John's College, Oxford


And/Order - Krakk Gallery, Manchester

LCMF ii - Krakk Gallery, Manchester

RGBK - El Refri Web Gallery, Glasgow

Private View - First Year Ruskin Show, High Street, Oxford

Blue - St. Peter's College, Oxford

Catz Arts Festival - St. Catherine's College, Oxford

1 24 25 - Project Space, The Green Shed, Oxford


Endless City - Princess Street, Manchester

Alwaysallwaysland - Foundation Degree Show, MMU, Manchester

Inserts + Interludes - Benzie Building, MMU, Manchester