naroa perez

Location: Bethnal Green London

In 2000, I got involved with photography and in 2002, I started studying in a private school in Donostia: Ivasfot. I took a 2 year module in technical photographic studies, specialising in interior design. I got a job in an important furniture and architecture photography studio with many resources, where I gained experience and improved my photographic technique, working with large and medium formats and digital backs, and in collaboration with a creative team and digital editors.

Since then I have been developing personal work, mainly with a 6x6 Yashica twin lens camera, almost always in black and white, but also in colour. After leaving the studio, I have worked more intensively with this format, back to film, back to black and white, back to the darkroom, back to analog photography.

In 2011 I started managing a darkroom in Arteleku, a leading artists space in Donostia,, with black and white and colour printing and processing facilities, which has been extensively used by local artists and photographers. In Arteleku I have also organized public workshops and lectures by renown artists and photographers, such as Oscar Molina, Eduardo Momeñe, David Jiménez, Clemente Bernard and Xavier Ribas. Arteleku

In 2014 I came to London to study and get deeper into the art of photography and I started my studies in London College of Communication. After 3 years in the darkroom and reading and researching I graduated in BA photography in July 2017.


2004 .March - Photogallery Hiru.di (San Sebastian Basque country Spain) with my work “Analisis”

2004 .April - Restaurant Kazkazuri, San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain: work: “Argijolasak”

2004 .June - “El Muro” Bar (San Sebastian- Donostia) work: “Analisis”

2004 .July - Mutriku’s Culture house, Mutriku (basqueCountry, Spain) work: Analisis.

2004 .August - Photogallery Hiru.di (San Sebastian) work:"Argijolasak”

2006 .July- Aug - Kursaal cafe (San Sebastian) work: “Analisis and “Barberia”

2007 .Feb - Lezo’s Cutlure House (Lezo, Basque country, Spain) work: Analisis.

2017 .Nov-Dec - TOUCH project, Organised by Wave Collective. Collective exhibition at Carmel by the green at Bethnal green, London

2017 .Exhibition · Embrace your Inner Chaos : collective exhibtion at Total Refresment Centre. London. Presenting TOUCH project. 7th Dec

2018 .Exhibition · I As another. Organised by Wave Collective. Collective exhibition at Carmel by the green at Bethnal green, London. Presenting ANALISIS project. Feb 2018