Nancy Haslam-Chance


Location: London

Nancy Haslam-Chance is from Bradford. She studied Illustration at the Glasgow School of Art graduating in 2014. After a year of working and drawing in Glasgow she joined the Drawing Intensive programme at the Royal Drawing School, followed by the Drawing Year. Nancy’s work is inspired by growing up in the North where the destruction of industry has forced the landscape to reinvent itself. Her work is often autobiographical and she is interested in fears and wishes, relationships, domestic interiors and rooms as containers of emotions.


2018 View with a Room, Mercer Chance Gallery, London
2017 The Drawing Year 2016- 2017 End of Year Exhibition, Royal Drawing School, London
2017 A Dirty City (Solo), South Square Gallery, Bradford
2016 On Paper, Mercer Chance Gallery, London
2015 Drawing Intensive, Mercer Chance Gallery, London
2015 Bradford Open, Cartwright Hall, Bradford
2014 Com Des '14 London Exhibition, The Rochelle School, London
2014 Degree Show, Glasgow School of Art
2014 Work in Progress, Fleming House, Glasgow
2013 Swimming with Dolphins, Project Space, The Art School Union, Glasgow School of Art
2012 Come See Come Buy, CCA, Glasgow
2011 Foundation Show, Bradford College