Location: London
Website: www.namarietti.wordpress.com

Exploring ideas through drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, film and photography - Na'ama is a ‘hybrid’ knitwear specialist, artist and craftsperson creating intricately detailed, unique and exclusive artwear & apparel. Heavily influenced by her mixed heritage - Mediterranean and middle-eastern Jewish of Iraqi, English, Russian and Italian parents - Na'ama is direct descendent of the highly regarded Master Kabbalist and Judaic spiritual leader ‘’Ben Ish Chai’’ of Baghdad (Chacham Yosef Chaim 1834 -1909). Through the use of rare and exotic materials combined with her meticulous development of hand-crafting techniques, Na'ama's work embodies multi-cultural and ethnic themes which often evoke a strong sense of spirituality through it's unique and extraordinary aesthetic.

”I graduated from Kingston University in 2010 and come from a large family of creatives who have been greatly influential throughout my life. Born in Jerusalem I had a pretty nomadic upbringing spending much of my childhood travelling through faraway places before settling in the UK. Colours, materials and textures often relate to memories of my surroundings wondering Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern countries with sandy deserts, softly coloured skies, stone floors, white buildings, rocky mountains and local handicrafts and artefacts. I remember the wild, the rough, the rugged and the sublime, marbled floors, white stone buildings, knotted string hammocks and hairy mountain goat with enormous horns.”


Feb 2013 'Ellen Rogers/Kennaland Style & Photography Exhibition' Kennaland Studios, London

Jun 2012 'Darkroom, Summer Solstice Exhibition' Covent Garden, London

Jan 2011 'Unravel Fashion Photography Exhibition, Camilla Seckin' Wolfston & Tay Gallery, London

Jan 2011 'Westee Business Networking Fashion Show' Westminster University, London

Nov 2010 'FYF Fashion Show in Support of the Diana Award' Jalouse Club, London

Aug 2010 'Design Means Business Exhibition' The Textile Institute, HM Treasury, London

Jul 2010 Lookbook shortlisted for 'New Blood Exhibition' London

Jun 2010 'Graduate Fashion Week' Kingston University, London