Molly Kelly

Location: Leyton, London

With a background in Fine Art, Molly went on to study Graphic Arts and Design at Leeds Metropolitan University, developing skills in layout and typography. After graduating, a trip round the world, and a brief stint as a barmaid, Molly took upon an internship in a Graphic Design agency and began her career as a Digital Designer in the world of fashion e-commerce. It is here that Molly has thrived, designing her way through the ever changing platforms and technologies in this leading area of the Graphic Arts. Creating inspiring and creative content for well known fashion and homeware brands.

Molly has worked as an in-house digital designer for MODA Commerce, Jigsaw, Monsoon Accessorize, Joy and The Shop at Bluebird, and has freelanced for many other brands.

Molly is creative by nature, pushing boundaries and ever wanting to be ahead of the game, whilst at the same time always looking to the past for inspiration. You’ll often find her rummaging second hand shops for memorabilia, tackling a traditional craft, or pulling apart a vintage chair.

I also run a monthly craft meet up group Sew Solid Crew which has been successfully going for over a year now.