Moa Johansson


Location: East London

I explore and frame the body, identity, time and action; using a body-based practice I combine dance, live art and performative photography as mediums to investigate the themes of my work.

My research-based performance is often durational and situated in galleries or non-conventional performance spaces. Currently I am exploring desire in relation to consumerism; I’m looking into the futility of material satisfaction, critiques consumer culture and explore the slippage between desire and reality. By working with repetition and a non-narrative structure, I am interested in blurring the line between performer/witnesses. It is an on-going investigation on how the performative body can control the 'status' between the roles of the audience, space and objects, and what happens when I do so. On the contrary, with my person ‘queen mojo’ I very much utilise the prospect of spectatorship and the power I am taking/the power I am given as the beheld performative body. I explore the power of entertainment; how my performance can be of amusement yet applicable with its socio-political undertone. Often set in club environments, these are short, messy and loud acts with a clear narrative, beginning and end. Tactically, I apply the strategy of femme-femme, I use my female body as a tool of destruction (of the patriarchy) by celebrating heightened femininity.


tonight/baby/forever | La Cage Royale at L'Escargot
Queen Mojo | The Palace Festival | Poland
Reading Room 1: Bardsley v Bachelard - The Poetics of Space | Peopling The Palace(s) Festival (concept by Julia Bardsley)
The Prostituted Royalty | DEEP TRASH: Royal Trash | Bethnal Green Working Men's Club
tonight is the night baby and forever but no recycling | SPILL Festival of Performance National Platform 2016
tonight/baby/forever | Topophobia 15 | Total Refreshment Centre
weaving her-story | Low Stakes Festival | New River Studios
shoes/orgasm | First Flights, Peopling the Place(s) | Pinter Studio
A Tit Show | Duckie | Royal Vauxhall Tavern
my forest without echoes | Hackney Showroom | London
Imprints | Cell63 Artplatform | Berlin