mohammed adel


Location: East London

Born in East London, Mohammed Adel is a London based artist who looks at a range of concepts which explore culture, space and the visceral experience between art and viewers. He is curious about a visual language we all share in associations we develop to the world around us, how colours, forms, movement and atmosphere can become more than just those physical things, they have the ability to bring about associations emotionally. This basis is what the work is formed on, Mohammed uses imagery and often nature for its forms and expressive potential in order to transcend the image. Paint becomes a medium that translates rather than imitates to create a question of what it is that allows the painting to be about more than the image as a representational painting. It becomes about visual language in colour, in the treatment of forms, the choices in paint more than anything, that evolves the image into something beyond representation and more visceral. His practise also looks into ideas of culture from the perspective of an East Londoner, Bengali Muslim, looking to tackles issues in culture and issues of representation of himself in the arts.
Mohammed studied Fine Art Painting at Camberwell University of the Arts London receiving a Bachelors Degree. As much as he is a painter, Mohammed is interested in collaboration, having been a member of the Whitechapel Gallery Youth forum, there developed an interest in collaboration and in engaging in the issues of diversity in his own east London community. Looking to encourage an interest in art in young Asian communities as, from a first hand experience, there is a huge stigma surrounding art in said community. The youth forum provided a platform to create collaborative shows at the Whitechapel Gallery ranging from salons encouraging conversations on art while also setting up open calls in which they all collaborate to create artwork to exhibit, including the show 'Alone Together' with Seth Pimlott. He has also been a recipient of the Jeremy Cubitt Prize as a result of being put forward by the Whitechapel Gallery.
Mohammed has exhibited at the 'Merge' show at the CGP gallery in 2019, also in the 'Class Of: Exhibition' at the Copeland Gallery in 2020 while also having a collaborative practise creating exhibitions for the Whitechapel Gallery such as the Alone Together show and the Light and Shadow salon as part of the Duchamp and Sons Youth forum.


February 2020, Class Of: Year BA Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, Copeland Gallery, London

May 2019, Youth Takeover: Visions of the Future (in collaboration with Duchamp and Sons, Community Music and Siobhan Davies Dance), Whitechapel Gallery, London

January 2019, Merge, CGP, London

May-August 2018, Alone Together (Duchamp and Sons collaboration), Whitechapel Gallery, London

April 2017, Light and Shadow Salon (Duchamp and Sons collaboration), Whitechapel Gallery, London