Mary Martins


Location: London

Mary Martins is a London based documentary animator, experimental filmmaker and abstract expressionist. Her ideas are often of a philosophical nature as it enables her to work with a great degree of autonomy. Currently, she is producing a series of philosophical essay films 'a treatise' as an exploration of transcultural art in its various manifestations in order to make sense of how we inhabit the world beyond sense-perception and appearance.

She experiments with various indexical mediums in order to push the parameters of documentary animation practice and search for new ways to depict our reality. These abstract methods combine non-representational images with narrative, and in the wider scope, unravel interesting ways to relate these to current non-salient social issues, political issues and our human rights. The world as we know it is often ambiguous, animation assists with illustrating these ambiguous spaces as well as recreating the spatial and structural elements that we see in the natural world. Her research places great emphasis on the key strengths of the documentary animation practice. Pervasive in the sense that it is not concerned with defining genres, but through its ability to be placed into historical, contemporary philosophical and theoretical contexts, discovering new ways to contextualise and conceptualise these genres.

In an attempt to push boundaries within her work, she juxtaposes various traditional film making techniques retaining the rich elements of our past.


'Leftovers' at 198 Contemporary Art Gallery 17th - 28th November 2017
Ogilvy Roots Art Exhibition at the Sea Containers - 27th October 2017
Thamesmead Festival 15th - 17th September 2017