Jessica Mautner


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I am a visual artist whose work responds to place and context through sensory engagement with local or relevant physical materials. At the moment I'm particularly interested in exploring our emotional relationships with raw materials. Trained in Theatre Design originally, my practice is multidisciplinary and often sculptural, engaging sensitively with or activating the site it inhabits. While the final works are usually sited, they are developed through haptic experimentation with raw materials in the studio, informed by deep contextual research. I collaborate regularly with a sound artist as the duo louie+jesse, and am a member of the South London-based collective POST Artists.


Gallery Miroslav Kraljevic (Zagreb), October 2015
Jupiter Project 1 (Hackney), 2014
'CCCS 50 Years On', MAC Birmingham, 2014
Aabenraa Artweek (Denmark), 2013
BEFF6 at FuturePerfect Gallery Asia (Singapore), 2013
Durham International Brass Festival, 2013
Weather or Not! Festival (Lancashire), 2012
'3 Days without Water' (Manchester), 2012
Hazard (Manchester), 2012
Schiume Festival (Venice), 2012
Chorlton Arts Festival, 2012
'What is Life Friendly?', Centre for Contemporary Chinese Arts, 2012
OVNI 12: Oblivion, Centre de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona, 2012
'Radical Footage', Nottingham Contemporary, 2012
Morden Tower (Newcastle), 2012
6th Bangkok Experimental Film Festival, 2012
'Able', Sangdee Gallery (Chiang Mai), 2011
'Giving in to Gift', Liverpool, 2011
'Translation', Chiang Mai University Arts Centre, 2011
'Broken Telephone', Exchange Project Space (Hackney), 2011
'Postindustrial Revolution', Wyspa Institute of Art (Gdansk), 2011
LV21 lightship (Kent), 2011
're:P.A.I.R' residency, Oldambt (Netherlands), 2011
'P.A.I.R.' residency, Oldambt (Netherlands), 2010
'DIY' (Surface Arts, Exeter), 2010
Up the Wall (Chester), 2010
'Die Kunst der Krise', Kunstlerhaus Bethanien (Berlin), 2010
'Ganze/Teile' (Berlin-Treptow), 2010
Home Sweet Home International Performance Art Festival (Berlin), 2010
'Lidl vs. Netto' (Berlin-Marzahn), 2010
GlogauAIR Open Studios (Berlin), 2010
Up the Wall (Chester), 2009
Do it Before they Destroy it! (Hackney), 2009
Artsadmin Two Degrees festival (London), 2009
tactileBOSCH (Cardiff), 2009