mike russell

Location: New cross
Website: https://mrussellsculpture.carbonmade.com/

I`ve spent the last 25 years working as a freelance sculptor and designer
in the media/entertainment industry.Although it`s had it`s ups and downs and is highly competitive it has enabled me to sustain myself financially.I wouldn`t
call it art ,even though it`s creative, and it is quite technical but this experience is hopefully giving me the skills and confidence to venture into expressing my own stories and ideas through the medium of sculpture, drawing and animation, which is art.In my opinion.It`s my aim to dislocate from the commercial arm of my venture and fully immerse myself into the imagination through use of light, sound,colour, form, movement,composition and sound and create my own universe.


The Foundry, great eastern st London,
Alam, Vyner st London
Pad arts,Preston Lancashire