Michael McHugh


Location: London
Website: http://michaelmchughphoto.co.uk

I am a filmmaker, editor and photographer developing new approaches to the visual arts. In conjunction with the London Met Film School I am devising a new MA programme starting this November 2014 which will require students to challenge and develop their work and working practices in both technical academic and practical ways and take new approaches to engaging with new media and  digital advances. I am also working on a exciting new exhibition, provisionally entitled Black Victorians using photographs from the 20's 30's 40's and 50's as homage, and creating a new and imaginative approach to history as well as to the representations of those era.  The work will feature photography, video, and digital animation.

Michael is currently collaborating as a digital colorist on the video art project Ten Faces of Anna; which has a screening at ASVOFF7 - Centre Pompidou, Paris Nov 2014.


CLARITY, 10 x 10 Four Corners Gallery (Nov 2013)
In the public domain, there are those who occupy its centre. These individuals possess an innate magnetism; a mysterious, gravitational pull that intrigues. I set out to find individuals who possess these fascinating qualities. Encountered throughout London, I captured my subjects on film and digital media to investigate how and why, in my view, they command our attention.

One week solo show including private view and panel discussion