Meri Karhu

Location: London

I'm a multi-media artist crossing a range of mediums, including dance and performance, experimental film-making, poetry, photography and participatory events. My current key interests are liberation, play, wildness, nature, archetypal psychology, transformative experiences and spiritually and artistically informed activism.

My practice stems from largely from spirituality. It is a cry for liberation when the future looks too bleak to tolerate. It is wild ecstasy, a dance that celebrates coming back home to the earth, to sensing the body, to our birthright freedom and duty to express our unique gifts.

I use divination and accidents, I create frameworks for spontaneous psychodramas, I seek to determine the difference between a real joy and a substitute.

I'm here to fertilise the conceptual wasteland again with seeds of a more beautiful world.


Spoken word performance at 'Holy Banana - Advent'
at Vogue Fabrics Dalston, London

Performance with Jolien Van Schagen at 'Interstitial Practices: Extruding Performance'
at the Royal College of Art, London

30.11.2016 - 1.12.2016
The Birth Of Veritas - a film screening and exhibition
in collaboration with Willowen Manson
at BLACK DOOR, London

Year Zero
Solo audio installation
at UNIT C, London

The Wine Dark Sea pt. II
Group exhibition
at Mark Powell Bespoke, London

Group exhibition
at Lokal, helsinki

Solo exhibition
at Artists' Studio, Helsinki