Merel Karhof

Location: London

Merel Karhof, born in the Netherlands (1978), lives and works in London. Already at a young age she travelled through Europe and lived regularly for longer periods in different European countries. Travelling has given her the opportunity to sharpen her curiosity, as well as discover local manufacturers, and it continues to inspire her to make products in a dialogue with her surroundings.

With her designs, she reveals the unnoticed and creates awareness of obvious things such as the daily variable colour of the water in Venice, or the urban wind, which she uses as an energy source to knit scarves.

In Karhof’s work there is a strong emphasis on the process. In her research-based way of working, she develops her own tools and products, which function as ‘three-dimensional sketchbooks’ that visualize her studies.

Merel Karhof has presented her work in exhibitions in London, Milan, Venice and Amsterdam. In 2011, the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, USA, purchased her work for their permanent collection.


2014 Oct Windworks – ‘Original Colors’ - Taiwan Design Centre, TW
2014 Sept Tile Dust - 19 greek street Gallery - London Design Festival, UK
2014 Mar Windworks – ‘Forces of Nature’ - 19 Greek Street Gallery, UK
2014 Mar Wind Kniting Factory –‘Threads’ – Group exhibition, Museum Arnhem, NL
2014 Feb Windworks - solo show- London Fashion Week, expo Dutch Embassy, UK
2013 Sept Wind Knitting Factory - Budapest Design Week, Hungary
2013 Jun Wind Knitting Factory –Wolverhampton Art Gallery - ‘Tipping Point’ UK
2011 Sept Film Wind Knitting Factory - V&A Power of Making – London, UK
2011 Sept YouDoBag – Collective We Do studio - Selfridges, London, UK
2011 Apr Craft Meets Technology – Group exhibition - Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, USA
2010 Aug Fashion Footprints – ‘Wind Knitting Factory’ - CCANW, Devon, UK
2009 Oct Fossils of Barking - Arboretum opening - Barking Learning Centre Ldn, Uk