Maria Wiecko


Location: London
Website: film: photography:

My passion for people and film brought me to Edinburgh, where I decided to expose it by studying Film and Photography. After graduating with BA in Arts with distinction- I continued taking a documentary course at Wajda Film School in Warsaw.
I am a freelancer - camera operator, documentary director and editor, whose interest lays in social documentaries with special interest in LGBT community and equa rights for minorities. In my work I try to de-mythologize stereotypes and tell stories of extraordinary people, as the most common one. I am interested in each self- how we decide who we are, in moments of confusion and facing our inner personas.

I need a space to set up my editing studio and be able to continue my own film projects as well be able to afford house in London. I have been based in East London for past three years and I am looking forward to collaborations with local artists.


Dot.Dash.Dot.-26.05.2011. Screening of documentary "One" at Toynbee Studios, London