Location: London
Website: www.luxonline.org.uk

My practice involves the use of video, performance, object making, drawing and the creation of environments. Early work is very preoccupied by the libidninal body and issues of self representation and narcissism. Later work explores the desire to extend narratives and the possibilty of re-negotiating reality through ritual and repetition. In 2007 I created an immersive installation at Matt's Gallery : Look What They Done To My Song. This work utilised music and song as a vehicle for self-undoing. In the space of three days several musicians and performers used the space as a recording studio and film set - thus in that time frame three songs were recorded while the process was documented by a film crew. The aftermath presented traces of these actions in the form of the deconstructed studio set, a soundscape and two very different video pieces exploring the terrain of performance and its documentation.

I am currently working in a collective The Sacred and Profane Love Machine
which involves itself with investigations into the present glut culture of image and sound consumption. Key strategies here are disruption, humour, the pornographic eye, noise, ritual and magick.

Links: http://www.fact.co.uk/projects/re-%5Bvideo-positive%5D/imogen-stidworthy...



Further Links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYuFmWxc8tg


Michael Curran
Born 1963 Scotland


1988-1991 B.A. Fine Art 1st Class, Goldsmiths College, London.
1992-1993 Electronic Imaging, Post-graduate Diploma, Duncan of Jordanstone, Dundee.
1993-1995 Jan Van Eyck Akademie, Centre of Post-graduate Study, Maastricht.


2013 –
GLORYHOLE, (Sacred & Profane Love Machine performance) LLS387, Antwerp.
Station Identification, Michael Benevuto Gallery, 7578 Sunset Blvd. L.A.
SAPLM, Wild West Active Space, Maastricht, Holland.

The Beginning, Wild West Active Space, Maastricht.
Into The Future, National Review of Live Art, Video Archive Online.
The Virtual Centre Pompidou, Pilot Project Centre Georges Pompidou.

2011 -
Fraternize - The Salon, Beaconsfield, London.
Baby Oil & Ice, Ye Olde Axe, London.
So Afraid To Let Her In, Five Years, London
The Crepuscular Evocation of an Angel, Late at Tate, London.

2010 –
Testbed Residency with Lucy Gunning, Beaconsfield, London.
Winter Rites, Five Years, Bistroteque, London.
From Ritual to Theatre, Ancient & Modern, Whitecross St. London.
From Ritual To Theatre, Faith One, Rue Marcadet, Paris.
Afternoon Rehearsal, Charlie Woolley’s Radio Show, Space, London.
East End Promise, Londonewcastle Space, London.
Rella, (Testbed series) with Lucy Gunning, Beaconsfield, London.
Testbed, Group Show, Beaconsfield, London.

2009 –
Free Association, Area 53, Vienna.
All of Me, FREE SCHOOL, Five Years London.
Reading St. Jerome, Five Years @ James Taylor Gallery.

2008 -
Look What They Done To My Song, Miaca, Zaim, Yokohama, Japan.
Sunset Is An All Day Process, with Louisa Minkin, LLS387, Antwerp.
FREE SHOW, Five Years Gallery, London.
Most Touching, Kassel Video & Film, Kassel.
25th Kassel Documentary Film & Video Festival.

2007 –
In The Cold Cold Night, Arcola Theatre London.
Goo Goo Muck, Five Years London.
It’s Just Bread, Alma Enterprises, Vyner Street, London.
Luck Be A Lady Tonight with Hayley Newman Alma Enterprises.
Auction, Alma Enterprises.
[Video Positive] Archiving Video Positively, FACT, Liverpool.
Vanaf nu! LLS387, Antwerp.
Look What They Done To My Song, Matt’s Gallery, London.
Look What They Done To My Song, Arnolfini, Bristol.

2006 –
Verisimimilitude, The Gallery, Wimbledon School of Art, London.
FRENZY L’Art Decoratif D’Aujourd’hui, Metropole Galleries, Folkestone.
Smuggle Project, Maastricht, Holland.

2005 –
Screening, Hochule fur Bildende Kunste.
Videoex, Zurich.
Love In A Cold Climate praxisKUNST, Vienna.
Margins to The Mainstream, Tate Britain.
Fassbinder’s Jukebox, Camden Arts Centre
Appearance, Whitehall Waterfront, Leeds.
Picture This, Touring, Britain.
Nightwatchman – Roll it Back! Beaconsfield, London.

2004 –
In Extremis, Videowall, Tate Britain.
I Can See My Way Home, Picture This, Bristol.
i can c my way home, Spacex Gallery, Exeter.

2003 –
Rotterdam Film Festival, Rotterdam, Holland.
Lux Open, Royal College of Art, London.
Love In A Cold Climate, National Film Theatre, London.
Tender Prey, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, Holland.

2002 –
Better Than The Real Thing, Smart Space, Amsterdam, Holland.
Silent Movies, Church, Amsterdam, Holland.

2001 –
Dead Wall Reverie, Five Years Gallery, London.
Closing / Close By, Spacex Gallery, Exeter.
John, I’m Only Dancing, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh.

2000 –
Other Side of Zero, Video Positive, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool.
Nightclub Robberies, Rhodes Mann Gallery, London.
The Red Room, Five Years Gallery, London.

1999 –
Videostore, Espace Des Arts, Chalon-sur-Saone, France.
New Video From Great Britain, Touring Programme, South America.
Image Forum, Tokyo, Fukuoka, London.
Magnetic North, Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle & Trondheim, Norway.
Unconditional Love, NAF Gallery, Oslo, Norway.
AIR, Sal de Bal, French Cultural Institute, Vienna, Austria.

1998 –
British Video Art, Museum of Modern Art, New York.
If 6 Was 9, Cinema Rex, Belgrade, Serbia.
The Kindness Of Strangers, W139 Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland.
Bruno Gironcolli & Michael Curran, Galerie Jammarr, Antwerp, Belgium.
Let’s Play Risk, No Fixed Abode, Earlam Street, London.
Screenings, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford.

1997 –
Corps Perdu, STUK, Leuven, Belgium.
Frame Up, Hedah, Maastricht, Holland.
Sissy’s Brain, Old Begrond Theatre, Utrecht, Holland.
Prend Garde! Documenta X, Kassel, Germany.
Pictures of Lily, Underwood Street Gallery, London.
One Minute Shorts, Lux Cinema, Hoxton Square, London.

1996 –
Male Performance, W139 Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland.
Speed, Tullie House Museum, Carlisle.
Pandaemonium, I.C.A. The Mall, London.
I Beg To Differ, Milch Gallery, London.
Make Me Clean Again, Alpenmilchzentrale, Vienna, Austria.
Foreign Body, Museum fur Gegenwartkunst, Basel, Switzerland.
Perfect, Galerie Mot & Van Den Boogard, Brussels, Belgium.
Movimento, Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain.
Mum’s Tattoo, Si En La Galerie, Antwerp, Belgium.
After Dark, D’Appel, Amsterdam, Holland.

1995 –
Masculin / Femminin X/Y, Pompidou Centre, Paris, France.
Exoctic Excursions, Fouberts Place, Soho, London.
What You See Is What You Get, 3rd I.C.A. Biennale, London, Sydney, New York.
Auto-Reverse, St. Gervais Centre, Geneva, Switzerland.
Parallell Lines, Golden Arrow House, London.
How Is Everything, Wiener Secession, Vienna, Austria.
Points de Vue, Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels, Belgium.
Instant, Camden Arts Centre, London.
Quarters, Old Bonefanten Museum, Maastricht, Holland.

1994 –
This Side Of The Channel, I.C.A. The Mall, London.
11th Kasseler Dokumentarfilm, Kassel, Germany.
Points de Vue, Pompidou Centre, Paris, France.


Pompidou Centre, Nouveaux Media.
Artothek, State Collection, Vienna.
Private Collections


Look What They Done To My Song, Matt’s Gallery, London
Pursuit of the Personal in British Video Art – Catherine Elwes.
The Directory of British Video & Film Artists, ed. David Curtis.
Pictures of Lily, ed. Jeremy Akerman.
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Michael Curran, Book & DVD, Jim Mooney & Trish Lyons.
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Gagarin editions, Wilfried Huet, Antwerp.
Return of the Witness, Ria Pacquee @ Camden Arts Centre.


1991 B.P. EXPO Award for The Small Boy’s Dream.
1995 Prix de Geneve for Fistula.
1999 Arts Council of England for Love In A Cold Climate.


1998 – 2002 Part time Lecturer at Middlesex University, B.A. & M.A.
1999 Visitor, Central St. Martins, Film & Video.
1999 Visitor, Jan Van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht.
2001 Visitor, Camberwell School of Art, Sculpture.
2000 Visitor, Canterbury School of Art, Painting.


The HOVEL project was situated within the artist’s own home and facilitated ten interventions from its emergence in February 2009 until June 2010. The remit of Hovel was to allow individual artists' creative time in which to activate their intentions by making interventions in the space. The chief focus was experimentation within a domestic interior. Such a context challenged notions of dimension, scale & attention - the way work is shown and how it is looked at.

Contributing Artists were Marc Hulson, Matthew Tickle, Malin Stahl, Hadas Kedar, Claire Morales, Harriet Smith, Gail Burton, Gordon Dawson and Andrew Gaston.