Maria Alvarez-Echenique

Location: London/East London

The surreal, thought-provoking and sometimes disturbing world of Alvarez-Echenique's work, concerns the relationship between nature and people. Her work aims to raise questions concerning humanity´s role within the natural world, whilst also aiming to instil a sense of wonder.
Her pieces have a dreamlike quality which takes the viewer on a journey into a fantasy world of ceramics where the fusion of the natural and the human sometimes seems to be in harmony and respect, and other times appears to be wilder and darker.
Her combination of casting and hand-building techniques using different stoneware clays and more recently porcelain, are characteristic of her sculptural work. The way they have been created is a mixture of the thoughtful and the intuitive, exploring new techniques, in order to develop and extend her ideas.
A separate section of her web site is also dedicated to her public art work, including community art commissions, painting & ceramics workshops.
If you are interested in any of her art or her public art work, please contact her at:


*29th May - Take It Or Leave It - The Art House, London, UK.
*September- Russian Biennial - Moskow, Russia.
*Small Porcelain Forms exhibition, Riga Porcelain Museum , Latvia.
*No Man's Land, Disused Eurostar station, Waterloo, London, UK.
*Celebration: The Big Picture, Forman's Smoke House Gallery, London, UK.
*Glebe Road Open Studios, London, UK.
*SAL at Soho Flea Market. Showcase Cities, London, UK.
*Paid commission work for artists Kevin Francis Gray, London, UK.
*Glebe Road Open Studios
*Bromley By Bow Open Studios
*Porcelain Sculpture & Photography Exhibition. Darnley Gallery, London
*The Hackney Utopians, Stoke Newington Gallery, London.
*Parallax Art Fair,Pall Mall Gallery, London.
*Darnley Gallery, London.
*Barhatiya Gallery, London
*Greenwich Picture House, London.
*Screams of Communities, La Tuerta, Madrid.
*A Party for Penguins, The Penguin Factory, Vienna.
*Conduit, Forman's Smoke Housed Gallery, London
*All The World's a Stage. Obsidian Art Gallery. UK.
*Glebe Open Studios, London.
*BBBC open studios, London.
* Glebe Road Open Studios, Hidden Arts, London.
* Bromley By Bow Centre, London.
* Group Exhibition,Islington Contemporary Art & Design Fair, London.
* Zelli Porcelain Award Exhibition 2009, London.
* Porcelain Museum, Latvia.
* West Norwood Gallery, London.
* The Gallery at Willesden Green, London.
* Anonymous Drawings", Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien, Berlin.
* Glebe Road Open Studios,London.
* Bromley By Bow Open Studios, London.
* English Translations Sala Naos, Spain.
* Solo Show, Stables Gallery, London.
* Open Studios, Hidden Arts, London.
* Open Studios, Bromley By Bow Centre, London.
* Camberwell Degree Show, London.
* Sargadelos Gallery, Permanent Exhibition, Spain.
* Camberwell 2nd Year Show, London.
* 11+, Mix Media Exhibition, Highgate Wood and Launch, London.
* Artists in the Community, Bromley By Bow Centre, London.
* Stanton Show, Stanton, England.
* Employments in the Arts Show, Hackney College, London.
* Final Show Ceramics BTEC, Hackney College, London.
Specific Community Art Exhibitions
* Art Force, Canary Wharf, London.
* Terracotta Army, Rich Mix Gallery, London.
* My Space, National Portrait Gallery, London.
* Sea Rhythms, The Rhythm Factory, London.
* Rhythms of Nature, Brady Arts& Community Centre, London.