Maxine Whittaker

Location: Bracknell

I grew up in a small Derbyshire village, spending most of my days in the woods. When the sky grew darker and I became worn out from climbing trees and laughing with my invisible friends, I would venture home across the dales to feed upon Grimm's Fairy Tales. I loved those stories, for they are proper fairy tales. My favourite being The Juniper Tree, a story about an evil stepmother beheading her stepson and making him into black sausages for the unknowing kind father to eat.... I was mesmerised by these tales. I also loved the small flying ladies that
collected the teeth from under my pillow.
One day I decided I wanted to become a ballerina. I went to the library, took out a few books on the subject, closed myself in the conservatory, copied the pictures and taught myself to dance. I danced religiously for the next ten years, then, whenI was sixteen my mother took me to London to audition for ballet school entry....I got in!
I lived quite happily out of a suitcase dancing with companies through out Europe until a thought became upon me, I wanted to become a stunt woman, so thats what I became next... I've doubled all kinds of characters from Cat Woman, Creatures and Zombies, worked on many blockbuster movies including Batman,X Men, Avengers, Thor, Snow White, Star Wars, Wonder Woman and Harry Potter.
So thats it my short story, there's a long version but its shrouded by secrets........

How i met the Shivlings
it was just after my eighth birthday, during a family trip to London. I witnessed an elegant woman stepping out of a taxi, bejewelled and glorious she winked at me before vanishing behind impressive red lacquered doors. Her sheer presence changed my entire life. Overwhelmed by her charm and beautiful magnetic energy, I suddenly became aware of The Shivlings, they were dancing all around her! I could clearly see her Shivling within. Ever since that captivating encounter I've not been able to stop drawing them. I see Shivlings all the time now, that's because...Amazing women are everywhere. My invisible friends have never left me, they whisper "Live The Life You Love, Love The Life You Live"

My Shivling Illustrations: Shivlings are made out of pure female philosophies but this is how I draw them ... I start with a pencil outline then ink in the fine lines. Often I will use a variety of additional media to bring texture and layers to my Shivling friends. They like to be accessorised and adorned with all kinds of curious finds, Fancy Paper, jewels and Japanese fabrics.
My Shivlings are very 3 dimetional and it is very difficult to see the true beauty of them from a picture you have to see them in all their glory and splendour.

Shivlings are: The visual perfume of femininity. They live amongst us like Faeries, Angels and Invisible Friends, appearing when the beauty within a woman is noticed. They are made of pure female energy and can be observed dancing around the heads of incredible women, like a silent power surrounding and protecting their precious heiress. They communicate through our feelings, speaking...Live the life you love, Love the life you live...
Not every woman has found her Shivling yet but you will recognise the ones that have...


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