Location: London
Website: maximasmith.co.uk

Maxima Smith graduated with first class hours from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2016.

She works mainly within film. Often creating short looping videos that are used to engage with ideas of climax and anti-climax. They often relate to movement of the body and ideas of performing the self.

She also works in print making, and sculpture but often these element link into her films, experimenting with ideas of surface and the projected image.


‘Still Point Journal Creative Exchange’
Fat Relic Gallery- (Ladywell, London.)
April 2015

‘Swimming Lessons’
The Gallery on the Corner- (Battersea, London.)
December 2014

‘Slade Print Fair’
Woburn Research Centre- (Bloomsbury, London)
December 2014

‘Second Person Looking Out’
UCL Art Museum (Bloomsbury, London)
June 2014

‘Fat Relic’
Fat Relic Gallery (Ladywell, London)
December 2013