Location: London
Website: www.matthewstock.com

Matthew stock is a video installation artist, and studied for his Masters at Central Saint Martins in 2009.

Matthew has developed a system of extended projections that augment the defined boarders of the video experience. Binocular vision, and the wandering gaze of the viewer are absorbed into his video objects at the same time that the right-angled sovereignty of the filmed format is rejected. His video works redouble the instability of the reconstituted movie scene and bring to the fore the possibilities of revealing three-dimensional experience through a two dimensional medium.

Matthew fixes multiple cameras onto himself with a specially designed jacket. These cameras range from small low specification wireless cameras, of 320/240 TV lines, to wide-angle DV cameras. The cameras are never handheld, but always set into his suited exoskeleton. With this equipment, he walks circuits through different parts of cities preparing choreographed circles from which he cuts his video loops. The layering, overlapping, and delaying of footage tends to obliterate the bodies and architecture caught in them. Through the jumps and twitches of the inconstant wireless signal, everything is transformed into the looming myopic forms of a frustrated three-dimensional vision.

Matthew's work opens up layers of possibilities within: the tragic space,the foreclose space and the potential space.

"Perplications" are "cross-foldings" that introduce a creative distanation into the midsts of things........Perplications are thus what allows one to trace the diagonal lines in a fabric that cut accross it so as to fold it again.

Matthew is also one of the founding members of <a href="http://www.modernlanguageexperiment.org">The Modern Language Experimentalong with Keh Ng.


Selected Group Exhibitions
Vermont Studio Centre / Vermont, USA
Sluice 2015 / Art and Labour / London
Filmarmalade / IMT Gallery / London
Filmarmalade / Arnolfini / Bristol
Bow Arts Open Show / Curated by Cullinan and Richards / London
The Modern Language Experiment / Sluice Art Fair/ London
This Fanciful Digression / CAN / Neuchatel, curated by Michelle Deignan’s and Carmen Billows
This Fanciful Digression / The Black Maria / London, curated by Michelle Deignan’s and Carmen Billows
“30 Artists 30 Days” / Studio 1.1 / London
Outhere / Round Chapel / London
Illusion of the Spectator / Angus-Hughes Gallery / London
Shit Show / Malgras Naudet / Manchester
Madame Wang issue 2 / Banner Repeater / London
Waiting for Suicidal Hares / Chongqing, China
Sluice Art Fair / The Modern Language Experiment / London
Artists Books Weekend / The Mews / London
Schizm Magazine / Banner Repeater / London
Connection Point / Bow Arts Open Show 2011/ curated by Edward Lucie Smith and Max Presniel / London
SURVILE-ANCE / X-RAY at the Perseverance / London
Deceit / The Modern Language Experiment / Hackney Wicked Festival, London
LDN/BRU / Congres Station / BRXLBRAVO / Brussels
MA Degree show / Central St.Martins / London
Jamais Vu / Hackneywicked festival / London
V22 presents: The Sculpture Show / London
Catch My Drift / Central St.Martins Interim show / London
WANTED / The Rag Factory / London
E8: The Heart of Hackney / Transition Gallery / London

Vermonet Studio Centre 2016
Madame Wang Review, Treignac project, 2011
Treignac Project, 2010

Organisation / Groups
Member of the New International School (NIS) and The Treignac Project.
Founding member of The Modern Language Experiment

Press / Publications
What is an art book? Vol 3, 2013
What is an art book? Vol 2, 2012
Matzine issue 10, 2012
Notes on Illusion of the Audience, 2012
Madame Wang issue 2, 2012
What is an art book? Vol 1, 2011
Schizm Magazine issue 3, 2011
E8 Heart of hackney Publication, With forward by Charlie Porter, published by Transition gallery, 2007

Curated Exhibitions
Sluice 2015 - Art and Labour, 15 - 18 October 2015
Filmarmalade - IMT Gallery, 7th August 2014
Filmarmalade - Arnolfini, March 2014
P A B D M O U TH - Plymouth, 2013
Sluice Art Fair - London, 2013
Urban Encounters - Resonance 104.4FM, 2013
What is an Art Book Volume 3 - NYC, 2013
Artists Books Weekend - The Mews Project Space, 2012
There Will Be Others, Angus-Hughes Gallery 2012
Bastard Children Of Pop, Angus-Hughes Gallery 2012
Illusion Of The Spectator, Angus-Hughes Gallery 2012
Sluice Art Fair, 15 & 16 Oct 2011
Artists Books Weekend, The Mews Project Space, 2012
The Wolfson Syndrome, 27th May - 18 June 2011
Deceit, Hackney Wicked Festival 2010