Matthew Gee


I am a 22 year old artist graduating with BA Fine Art from Norwich University of the Arts. I have alsol studied on exchange in Karlsruhe, and have previous exhibitions in Norwich, London, Germany and the Netherlands.
Here is an explanation of the images i have submitted in my profile:
-'Wash me in dew' consists of two aluminium sheets hung diagonally in a diamond formation with a slight misalignment. The sheets deceive the viewer with resin drops, and a frosted surface with the text 'wash me' written with finger marks, bringing a comical element to the work as seen with cheeky condensation interventions on cars, mirrors or shower doors in everyday life.
-'Crystal ball clinging on to a leaning hose plinth (with shadow)' is a plinth fashioned from two wooden plagues covered in stone effect spray, supported by hose pipe, resulting in the heavy looking plaques actually being quite light, and the usually flimsy hosepipe acting as sturdy supports. On the wall behind where the plinth stands are some carvings in the wall replicating shadows, which are fictional. A glass ball rests precariously on the struggling and conforming plinth leaving a certain edge of anxiety with the viewer with this possibility of failure.

-'Water source' is an illustrative representation of the plinth and also a continuation of line from the hosepipe from the plinth onto a suspension, which appears to support a floating sheet of plywood with a routed continuation of line. On the plywood the geometric shapes formed from the routed areas and stone effect areas create an illusionary space on a 2D surface, completed with an cast resin structure which appears precariously stuck to the resin surface and is also aligned with a fictional replicated shadow on the wall. It is the crossing of the boundary between surface, object, and fabric of the building, which excites me in terms of medium used to reflect and illustrate my concepts.

-'Ice cube carpet' is ice cubes made out of resin, on a sheet of heat insulation foil.


Norwich University of the Arts Degree show, NUCA, Norwich
Real Phony, Colegate, Norwich
Resort, The Residence, London
Elements- Man and the Environment, The Forum, Norwich
Showcase, Cafe 1001, London
Summer Exhibition, Kunstakademie, Karlsruhe, Germany
Suche WG Zimmer, Lichthof, Karlsruhe, Germany
Bread and Butter, R.K Burt Gallery, London
Bidder Bidder Bidder- EAST Project, Project Space, Norwich
The Late Shift, Sainsbury Centre For Visual Arts, Norwich
We have nothing to say- EAST Project, Project Space, Norwich
Hans Brinker Budget Trophy, Hans Brinker, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Doctor Who Exhibition, Earls Court, London
UCCA Students of Distinction show, The Maltings, Surrey
Farnham UCCA end of year show, Farnham UCCA, Surrey