Location: London.
Website: mathewtudor.com

And life is a period alloted to him, and in which he may, indeed he must, fashion his spirit in accordance with his own understanding of the aim of human existence.
Andrei Tarkovsky.


Monticelli Saw This. Gaunson Creative Studios(London). December 2021.
Notes From Underground.100 Years Gallery(London). November 2021.
The Castle. Gaunson Creative Studios(London). November 2021.
After The Deluge. 100 Years Gallery(London). September 2021.
The Silence. 100 Years Gallery(London). June 2021.
The Plague. 100 Years Gallery(London). May 2021.
The Sheep Look Up. 100 Years Gallery(London). November 2020.
While Rome Burns. 100 Years Gallery(London). October 2020.
A History Of Decay. 100 Years Gallery(London). September 2020.
Carnival At The End Of Time. 100 Years Gallery(London). August 2020.
Terrestrial Fish. 100 Years Gallery(London). July 2020.
Lock Down. Virtual Exhibition. April 2020.
The Wait. Chefe(London). February 2020.
Heart Of Darkness. 100 Years Gallery (London). November 2019.
A Wilderness Of Mirrors. 100 Years Gallery(London). October 2019.
Observations Of A Dog. Safe House 2(London). July 2019.
The Magic Theatre. 100 Years Gallery(London). May 2019.
The Zone. Asylum Chapel(London). March 2019.
The First Man. 100 Years Gallery(London). February 2019.
Transition. 100 Years Gallery(London). November 2018.
Reality Dysmorphia(The Last Man). The Crypt (London), August 2018.
Tat. Number 177 Bar and Kitchen(london), March 2018.
Labyrinths. 100 Years Gallery(London), March 2018.
Greetings From A Dead Man.Safe House 1(London), November 2017.
Lost And Found. 100 Years Gallery(London), November 2017.
Disquiet. PSW(London). October 2017.
Mercerism. The Crypt Gallery(London), July 2017.
The Tunnel at Waterstones(London), March 2017.
Hunger: The Republic(London). September 2016.
Interzone. Geddes Gallery(London). June 2016.
The Waste Land. Asylum Chapel(London). March 2016.
Bang!. 100 Years Gallery(London). November 2015.
Metamorphosis. PSW (London). September 2015.
The Outsider. 5th Base Gallery(London), July 2015.
Nostalghia. Art Hub Gallery(London),May 2015.
Rosetta. Project Space(London)December 2014.
Project Space Launch(London).November 2014.
We Are Three. Cultivate(London). September 2014.
Art Does Not Go On Holiday.Cultivate(London).September 2014.
Art Car Boot Fair(Kent). August 2014.
Cultivate Evolved(London). August 2014.
Art Car Boot Fair(Liverpool). July 2014.
Used Boots and Panties. Cultivate(London). June 2014.
The Golden Wall. Cultivate(London). May 2014.
Sunless. Bermondsey Project Space(London). April 2014.
We Are Here. Tokarska Gallery(London).March 2014.
Annual Open. CPG (London). November 2013.
Start 13:The New Industrialists.Bermondsey Project Space(London). February 2013.
Hang : The Outside World Gallery(London). March 2012.
Turning : Tokarska Gallery(London). September 2011.
MA Show: Candid Arts Trust(London). September 2011.
MA Interim Show: The Rag Factory(London). April 2011.
Mirror. Middlesex University(London). February 2011.