Marly Jackson


I am an artist and photographer. Born in Manchester, I moved to the south westerly village of Porthleven, Cornwall at the age of 2 where I lived for 25 years. Growing up by the sea has had a huge influence on my life and artwork which I am so very grateful for.

Practically brought up with a paintbrush in my hand I can’t imagine a world where I don’t enjoy applying paint to surface. Excelling in art throughout my school years led me into other creative fields, design and photography, immersing myself in the latter whist studying Marine and Natural History Photography at Falmouth University in Cornwall. Developing photographs
in the dark room is one of my favourite things in the whole world.

My preferred style of photography is an amalgamation of documentary, photojournalism and travel. I find street scenes the most interesting – scenes that tell a story, capturing an essence of the place and people who live there. I also enjoy creating fine art images through photography - capturing natural elements; colours, shapes and patterns. These images also inspire my paintings and help me to visualise atmosphere, time and emotion whilst I paint. ​

I have an expressionistic approach to my art which is loose but intended. I enjoy the imperfections in my work, discovering and exaggerating them where possible making the journey itself the most important part of the process. I use a carefully selected colour palette to create an individual sense of atmosphere and emotion within each piece. ​