Marianne Simonin


Location: London Fields - Hackney

I love Art for the process of manifestation and destruction, the search of the unknown, but most of all for the constant tuning in with the higher forces of Nature, and the Universal creative energy. I am attracted towards the 'soul' revealing itself through the eyes , and I often use portraiture (either self-portraits or people of my imagination) to access the hidden emotions and thoughts behind faces.

I like to remain free with my subjects and compositions but when series manifest naturally, it is the secret message behind them that interests me, knowing what feeling triggered a particular poem or painting, the choice of titles, and the wider inner world that is always present within me.

My work is mostly symbolic and spiritual. I often travel to remote areas of India to find inspiration, and I spend many days in silence, observing, while moving from place to place. My studio is in Hackney.

I enjoy photographying Nature as I can easily enter the composition and colour schemes that manifest in front of my eyes; my camera often feels like a magnifying glass. I also use writing, short videos and sculpture from time to time as another form of expression.


Solo exhibitions
" As Above - so Below" Scarlett Maguire gallery, Cromer St, WC12004
"Passion" @ Publicis, 82 Baker St, W1
"Spirit & Matter" @ Dion, Leadenhall St, EC32003
"Mantras" Flextech Television, Gt Portland St, W1
A&D Gallery, 51 Chiltern St, W1U 6LY
The Art Bar, Walton St, London SW3 2HP

Group Exhibitions
"The wing assylum" - Caroline Garden's Chapel, Asylum Rd, SE 15 "SQ
"Touch" Creative Cricklewood, NW2
One New Change, St Paul's, EC4
SPACE open studios, E8
"The Tantric Wasp Art show", Four Seasons, NW22011
Of Special Interest, N8
SPACE Open Studios, E8
"Artworks open", Barbican Arts Group Trust, E17
Bhavan Gallery, West Kensington, W12
Martello Studios, Hackney, E8
La maison des artistes, N7
Holistic Health, Broadway Market, E8
Never Ever Land – The Residence, Victoria Park, E9
Mile of Art exhibition Hackney, E8
Icons of Easter: Stations of the Cross Waterloo, SE1.
Blue Wing Gallery, Padstow and Falmouth, Cornwall
"Viva la muerte" Corsica Art studios, SE17
Collyer-Bristow Spain summer exhibition, 4 Bedford Row, WC1
Bhavan Indian cultural center, W12
Blue Wing Gallery, Padstow, Cornwall2002
Arts Projects Ltd, Cambridge Gardens, W102001
Save the Children - Barnes, SW13
Arts Projects Ltd, Cambridge Gardens, W10
Collyer-Bristow Xmas 2001 Exhibition, 4 Bedford Row, WC1
Riverside Studios - Hammersmith, W6
Rowe & Maw - Fleet Place, EC4
Betina Fine Art, Artist Living South London SE24
Art Project Ltd - Cambridge Gardens, W10
Betina Fine Art - The Cambria, Camberwell, SE5
Riverside Studios, W6
Riverside Studios - Hammersmith, W6

Spectrum magazine - spring 2002

Private collections:
UK & Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Canada and Italy.