Margo Yaguda


Location: London, UK

Multilingual Dr in Linguistics, born in USSR, well travelled, and an aspiring artist now based in London, UK. Have been painting for more than 10 years, carrying the passion for arts since a teenager. Have now gathered enough courage to go out there to be seen and hopefully appreciated.
"Margo is an abstract artist who has a special talent for using mixed media to take clean lines and create complex chaotic patterns. Her studio is her home and anyone who has seen her at work knows that she is an artist who truly lives her art."
Artist's statement:
I believe that art should create. Create a reciprocal feeling, provoke shameless thoughts, sparkle your imagination, arouse inspiration, and ultimately create a desire to create yourself. It does all that for me plus helps me survive the turmoils of my life.


"Exhibition of colours", 26.01.2020-31.03.2020, Grain, Hampstead, London