margherita isola

Location: Brussels-London

My work follows a crooked path, which is hard to be labeled.
It's an heterogeneous set of practices, a mix of performance, installation, embroidery, low tech graphic arts and video.
My first steps were in contemporary dance, training with Carolyn Carlson, Raffaella Giordano, MK, and Teatro Valdoca.
In 2007 I started on my own, questioning the body from a visual artist's perspective. My first authorial works were Mental Park, presented at Theatre Raffinerie, in Brussels, and Traviata, a performance combining dance, embroidery and a classical music DJ set, put together during a residence at Bains Connective, also in Brussels.
Between 2008 and 2010 I focused on the social body, exploring the body as a political and relational tool. I created different site-specific projects and conceptual interventions that were shown in international venues. The most relevant are the exhibitions Identities - Guerrilla Girls and Young Italian Artists (MACN, Monsummano Terme, Italy) and Sex in transition (Kucevo, Serbia) and a workshop with the teenagers of a refugee camp at the Freedom Theatre in Jenin, Palestine, in which we reflected on the colonization's effects on a corporal level through body painting, penciled tattoos and contact dance improvisations.
Since 2010 I've produced lots of textile art, principally embroidery, the most ambitious work being the clothing collection Hennez Mauritz & Me, a hundred pieces of clothing by H&M that I embroidered with a multitude of colourful social disease symptoms, and its sibling installation Rainbow Malady. These works were shown at ISELP, Brussels and at the Young Art Moscow Biennale and subsequently selected for the 2010 Art Context prize.
Since 2011 I've been working on Back to the Old School, a live art project about present day rituals. Fascinated by the social politics of club culture in specific I turn the spotlight on the ritual as a meeting process, both literally and, well… magically. Given my previous work the starting point of this artistic adventure might not be all that surprising, i.e. the interaction of dance and music and the effects this has on body and mind states.
I attempt to explore this powerful synergy and to extend it to other media, both aesthetically and in relation to the development of alternative and hybrid formats.
Since 2012 I am collaborating with TAL-Tech Art Lab, a contemporary art platform in Rio de Janeiro-Brazil


3-20 October, Shape open exhibition, Nunnery Gallery, London
25- 28 April 2013, The Other Art Fair, London
27 April - 26 May 2013- Arte, uma politica subversiva- Homenagem à Zuzu Angel, group exhibition curated by Gabriela Marciel, TAL- Tech Art Lab Gallery, Antica Fabrica Bhering, Rio de Janeiro
17-28 April 2012, Contemporary Art Sucks, international group exhibition curated by Babenko, Designcenter de Winkelhaak, Anvers
1 -30 July 2010, Moscow International Biennial of Young art, curated by Daria Pyrkina & Daria Kamyshnikova, Artplay Contemporary Art Center, Moscow
7 May - 25 July 2009, Dress code, international group exhibition curated by C. Henkinet and A. Santocono, Istitute Superior pour l'etude du language plastique, Brussels
12 March- 9 april 2009, Rotte Metropolitane, group exhibition curated by G. Bazzani, Villa Romana, Florence
2 -24 February 2009, From the Periphery, international group exhibition curated by Noa Treister,
Galerija Doma omladine, Belgrade
30 September- 5 October 2008, Freeshout , international art festival curated by, Ex- macelli, Prato, Italy
19 - 30 March 2008, BI, group exhibition, Maison Culture Saint Gilles, Brussels
19 - 31 January 2008, Gececondu, international group exhibition curated by G. Bazzani, Cantieri Goldonetta, Florence
6 October -4 November 2007, Identities- Guerrilla Girls and Young Italian Artists, international group exhibition curated by G. Bazzani, MACN, Villa Renatico Martini, Monsummano Terme, Italy
6- 14 October 2007, Uno, group exhibition curated by Daniela Lotta, Galleria Comunale, Faenza, Italy
4 - 30 May 2007, Waiting room, Installation /performance by and with Regina Roher, Marta Mo and Margherita Isola, Recyclart, Brussels
12 November 2011, The mirror dancing walk , street intervention, CharleroiDanses Biennial, PBA, Charleroi.
1 October 2011, Inevitable, performance by Margherita Isola with Dj Mellow and Margherita Isola, Beursschouwburg, Bruxells
5 March 2011, The NYC walker, performance/ installation, Grace Exhibition Space, New York
18 February 2011 , Invetable Underground &Rituals, Happening, Plankton 38#, Beurschouwburg, Brussels
30 March 2007, The Yogalia Meditation Experience, performance, Bains Connective, Brussels
9 > 10 December 2006, Mental Parc, performance, Theatre la Raffinerie, Brussels
O Corpo Sonhante / The Dreaming Body
performance with Luciano Correa, Fernanda Branco and Margherita Isola, TAL012- Antica Fabrica Bhering, Rio de Janeiro
Laisse moi te venir, performance by D.Thirion with G.Duret, R.Rohrer, Y.Dafniotou, I. Bats,P. Kern, M. Isola, B. Levant. It has been shown at Compli Avril- Thetre la Raffinerie, in Brussels, Festival Trouble 8# Space for Live Art, Les Halles in Brussels as well and Biennale CharleroiDanses 2011.
Parole da Mangiare, performance by Carmen Blanco Principal with Margherita Isola, created for Theatre Balsamine, in Brussels
2004 > 2005, Imparare è anche bruciare, by Cesare Ronconi- Teatro Valdoca, withValerio Bonanni, Valentina Bravetti, Serena Brindisi, Silvia Calderoni, Leonardo Delogu, Elisabetta Ferrari, Margherita Isola, Licia La Rosa, Sara Marchesi, Mariella Melani, Muna Mussie, Marco Perfetto, Vincenzo Schino, Morena Tamborrino, performed in different venues.
September 2001, Le Plateau de l'Umanitee, Biennial of Venice, Arsenale, Venice.
Public interventions coreographed by Carolyn Carlson and performed by the dancers of Accademia Isola Danza.