Location: London
Website: www.marciamar.com

Visionary Multicultural Artist & Live Art Mimesis Performer

Award-winning Visual Artist. Peace Ambassador, Singer/Song-Writer, Experimental Musician, Poet, Performer, Story Teller, Workshop Facilitator, Art Film Maker, Avant-garde Mimesis Artist.

Pioneer of Empathic Mimesis Avant-garde Art: Extraordinary ability to echo speech in verse, prose or song in any language spoken by participants in shared mindfulness. Reflexivity of cultural content sharing in multicultural complementary existence praxis

Conceptual Art: Ethical Cultural EpiGENEthics
In intentional neuron mirror empathy with mindful selective discourse pre-dicting potential epigenetic transformation affecting emotional elasticity

Paintings: EpiGENEthic Medictations

Awarded Best Brazilian Visual Artist in the UK by the Brazilian International Press Award in 2012. Peace Ambassador by the Cercle des Ambassadeurs Universel de la Paix (France & Swissland) 2014. Awarded, as part of the Equality Team of South West London and St George's Mental Health NHS Trust, the Mental Health and Wellbeing NHS Health and Social Care Award 2008 for the Happy Soul Film and Arts Festival

Author of Stella Maris Poetry book and co-author of Acorde and the Multicultural Manifesto Movement Mundi I and II collective books


Exhibitions in England, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Brazil, Nigeria and India