Manon Abramovicz-Fontbonne

Location: Paris, France

My name is Manon Abramovicz-Fontbonne and I am 24 years old. I studied jewellery for five years at the Ecole Boulle of Paris, France. During those years I’ve learned all the technical aspect of this profession, from metal work, stone settings, drawing, history of art, sculpture… a very complete formation. At the end of this forming I realised that I didn’t want to work in the big industry of high jewellery, for many reasons. First I didn’t want to be in the world of fashion or luxury where the money comes too much in first position, and also because I didn’t want to be blocked in one field; I wanted to be able to create my own intimate jewels, as I see them in my mind, and be able to realize them. I also want to be able to create other things than jewels, to not have the status of « a jeweller » only, because I also make sculpture, objects, painting… creation is everywhere... So I decided to open my own workshop, were I could be an artist with no labels.
In 2012 I rented my first workshop in the area of Bastille in Paris, named “Atelier Renée”. I spent one year creating my first collection before opening the doors to the public. I showed my work for the first time in 2013. Then I created a second collection in 2014 and a new one is today in preparation....