Location: London

Live & Let Live,Born Not Yet Dead

Glaswegian Artist & Technologist has worked in the US,Russia,Japan
& several European cities.She lived in Australia in her late teens
and is now living in London and coming to terms with her age
and situation.
Many of the technologies & skills she has and indeed some of her contemporaries are dying or disappearing -
but that means you need to make new friends and pass on those skills!

Her current work is brutal,monochromatic or clear; made in metal,perspex or glass.

She makes prints on paper and acetate for projections.

Initially trained as a designer/copyist she worked in the rag trade and then
for an Architectural Cooperative m,repairing & renovating Glasgow tenements to pay her college fees Glasgow School of Art's MacIntosh School of Architecture.Here she met and married a fellow student & had 2 children.Continuing to work part-time producing Architectural Renderings,she became interested in CAD,product design & set-building.

She started using CAD on a mainframe,taught herself Fortran and worked in car & plane factories for almost 20 years.Then worked in Telecomms network & Identity analytics & was finally dragged into banking for IBM's major mainframe users all over the world.

Finally escaping IT after 30 years she is now free to develop her practice which until now has been carried on undercover in snatched moments.
Maggie's plan is to work intensively in 2017-2018 after which she is hoping to complete an MA course in Fine Art.

Maggie is happy to join in Community Art Projects in London and looking out for exhibition opportunities