Lynn Carter


Lynn Carter completed her M.A Fine Art Course at Universal of East London in 2001.She has currently intermitted from participating in a Fine Art Doctorate Programme andhopes to resume at a later date.
The themes that have emerged in my work are from a variety of architectural sites,buildings that represent empty spaces, once occupied but are now deserted and abandonedThe abandonment of certain buildings and places evoke memories of my life that becamethe foundation of my work as an artist.
My currant work consists of small paintings of the East End of London, taken from oldphotographs of places that are either long gone or represents a past that is rapidlychanging.Having lived all of my life in the East End I have seen many changes to the area andwant to record aspects of a past that I remember growing up.
My previous studio work consists of paintings of hotel room interiors; places that Iescape to. These rooms were a haven, my sanctuary, a safe place where I could escape toand remain anonymous, a transient room that one could inhabit for a short time and thenmove on.In the paintings the viewer is looking outside beyond the room, the windowsand doors are opened with elements of light appearing in bright colour yet there stillremains dark areas of the room and the human absence as though they have just left theroom.


2010, Beecroft Gallery, Station Road, Westcliffe-on-Sea. (Painting)
2008-10, Bow Arts Open Studio. Bow, London. (Paintings)
2008, Showcase, Group Exhibition, University of East London, London. (Paintings)
2003, MA. Exhibition, University of East London, London. (Paintings)
2002, Strand Exhibition, Old Aldwych Tube Station, London. (Photography)
2001, BA Exhibition, Greengate House, Plaistow, London. (Screen Prints and paintings)
2000, the Millinery Works Ltd. Islington, London. (Photo-etchings and painting)