Louise B Carter

Location: South East London
Website: https://www.instagram.com/louisebcarter/

Louise is an Artist based in South East London working in fine art, mixed media and perfromance. The main focus of her work plays with the extremes of technique; jumping from the abstract to the realistic in various mediums. She grew a great love of art at a young age and even though she discontinued her studies due to a lack of faith in the educational system with regards to the arts, she continue to develop her skills on her own terms finding other artist to work with and learn from. She soon started receiving commissions for portraits and paintings.
She later took courses at Central St Martin's, London which encouraged her to explore the abstract using a variety of media such as oil, acrylic, and collage, creating her taste for a freer way of expressing her art.
Her influences are many, a key one being Ewa Gargulinska who taught her at Central St Martins and Gerhard Richter who explored the extremes of realistic to abstract and the places inbetween, which is something Louise is experimenting with in her current work.
An accomplished performer, she has a BA Hons in performance from Mountview Academy of Performing arts and works regularly as an actor and comedy performer and writer.


UNHINGED - Brixton Electric
ART IN MIND- Brick Lane Galleries
Underbelly- Edinburgh Festival