linda toigo


Location: London

My work is based on paper, a fragile yet extremely durable material, that fascinates me for its ubiquitous nature and for the different values it can be assigned depending on the content it is mediating.

I use traditional, slow-paced and laborious techniques to alter existing visual and written material - from old books and found images to lifestyle magazines and shop catalogues - extracting it from its context and endowing it with new meanings.

I engage with the original material with respect and curiosity, and I use the act of destruction as a tool to create a new, transformed form and to pay homage to the volumetric qualities and the cultural value inscribed within the pages.
The final outcome is an assemblage of layers, marked by the passing of time and by a process that is repetitive and meditative.

Dark, ironic and often surreal themes emerge from the works, inspired by stories sourced from childhood memories, local tradition and gothic literature.


June 2014

Perversions of Paper, Birkbeck College, London
invitational workshop on the different ways on the use, reuse and misuse of the page in a creative context

March 2014

Non Sterile, The Belfry, St. John on Bethnal Green, London
solo art exhibition

Sept 2013

Unfold, London Print Studio
group exhibition highlighting the quality and variety of contemporary artists’ books and designs

May 2013

Reworking the (Non) Literary Object,
School of Advanced Studies, London
a pair of talks on reworking textual material in the digital age