Location: East London

Painter & Printmaker
I have spent the last four years exploring concepts of fame and myth in my work mostly through large silkscreened images. I use bands of hot colour that sweep across the image sometimes using misprinted techniques that reference Warhol and Rauschenberg but with my own hand print and contemporary references.


Looks like snow, Cape Asbestos Barking's industrial killing factory - Eastbury manor house 2019
After the fall - Container gallery - 2019
Sea witches -Studio one 2018
We are but shadows and dust -Eastbury Manor house 2018
Twilight of the idols - Barking learning centre 2018
screen print exhibition - Poplar Union 2017
Group show -The apartment Gallery, 2017
The Foyer Gallery, University of East London:
May 2015 - 2016
December 2015
April 2016
September 2016
December - April 2017