Liana Bortolozzo

Location: London

Liana Bortolozzo aka Laliana is a London based artist. Her work involves and conbines different media, both conventional and unconventional: drawing, painting, photography, fabric and even found objects. Recently she has introduced also the use of video in her practice.

Her work aims to reach a sense of the grotesque: a simultaneous clash among incompatible feelings which are both ridiculous and terrifying.
Irony is also sought in different ways, depending on the type of work she realises. In the sculptures and installations is expressed through the use of materials such as fabric and wool which, once shaped into rounded forms, recall the puppets and dolls of childhood. In the videos is aroused by the costumes she wears, by the different characters she plays and by the documented reactions of the audience in seeing her camouflages.


2017 Brexitopia, Espacio Gallery, London
2017 Waiting to Exhale, Space 36, London
2015 Disruptive Exibithion, I'klektik Gallery, London
2015 Inspiring Change, W3 Gallery, London
2015 The Anti-Gallery Gallery Show, Espacio Gallery, London
2015 Forbidden, The Daniel Liebeskind Space, London
2014 The Disorder of Things, The Artworks, London
2014 Office Session III, Anchorage House, London
2014 Urban Life, The Daniel Liebeskind Space, London
2013 Skins We Lie In:Process in Exile, Made in Art London, London
2013 Final Show, Chelsea College of Fine Art, London
2013 The Last Rasp, Our House Gallery, London
2013 Perfect Patio, Space Station 65, London
2012 CG05, Cookhouse Gallery, London
2012 Bend Over Shirley, Beaconsfield Arts, London
2012 A Machine for Living In, Hannah Barry, London
2012 Daily/Weekly, Project Gallery, Brisbane, Australia
2010 Photo&Graphie, Solo Exhibition, Welcome Wine Bar, Venice, Italy
2009 Eating Portraits, Academy of Fine Art, Venice, Italy
2009 No Frame – Deadly Sins, Old School Gallery, Venice, Italy
2008 Short film contest Lago Film Fest, Treviso, Italy
2008 Short film contest Francesco Pasinetti, Venice, Italy
2008 Short film contest Mestre Film Fest, Mestre, Italy
2007 Cogito Ergo Sum, Vigonovo public space, Venice, Italy
2006 Frequentazioni Visive 2, Old School Gallery, Venice, Italy
2005 Frequentazioni Visive, Vigonovo public space, Venice, Italy