Lexi Stones

Location: London
Website: lexistones.com

University of the Arts London, Chelsea College of Art BA (Hons) Fine Art 2015

Painting and photography currently dominate my practice, with their installation side by side being of particular interest to me. I see this physical placing opening up questions and possibilities as the seeking of a visible dialogue is of paramount importance to me. Conversations are integral to my practice whether they be verbal or visual. My investigations lead me to search for subtle similarities and differences looking at areas such as indexicality and trace as well as for more clearly visible clashes. The exploration of the space between these images as well as the space that can be created within the individual images themselves is of prime importance. I aim for a coherence in my installations but not a continuous flow as I am seeking to use metaphor in place of direct representation in the content of my work.



Frontier Economics Student Art Project 2014
Hitachi Consulting 2014


Secret Rose Auction, Flowers Gallery, 2016

Lewis PR, San Francisco - 2014-2015
Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai – City Squared Project – 2014
Chelsea College of Art - Translations - 2014
Chelsea College of Art – BA FA End of year show, Cook House – 2014
Brompton Cemetery – External Space Exhibition – 2013