André Pereira dos Santos


Location: London

Hello :)

My name is André and I'm a contemporary artist.
Im currently living in East London Bow. I have a part time job so I can finance my life in London. Im working everyday from the morning to the evening on my art. I work in different areas which cost me so much time at home. I live complete improvised, my room is my own studio.

And I'm running out of free space in my room. I got a few paintings and installations. The Photography equipment is getting more and more plus the entire supplies for the paintings are everywhere.

I work in fields such as:

- Paintings/Fine Art
- Illustrations
- Photography
- Styling
- Design
- Cover Arts for Musicians

I'm a kid with too much energy. I just want to do art nothing more.


2014 Munich - Fashion Illustrations exhibition at a Tattoo Shop
2014 Munich - Fashion illustrations exhibition in an Art Bar