Leah Miller-Biot

Location: South London
Website: www.leahmillerbiot.co.uk lmillerbiot.wordpress.com

Born in Norwich in 1985 to Belgian and English parents, Leah Miller-Biot spent her formative years in the North and North Eastern regions of Brazil. A graduate of both the Slade School of Art and Glasgow School of Art, her work is heavily informed by the experience of growing up between numerous cultures, which can be seen in the multiplicity of forms, colours, crafts and textures she employs in her work. Her strong allegiance to the tradition of still-life painting, allows her to explore the manifestations of an identity in constant flux through the objects and materials that form a part of her life. Recent shows include Plate Space London, Casa da Arte, Sao-Luis Brazil and as part of In the House a series of open house exhibitions in London.



2009 - Cupim, at Casa da Arte, Sao Luis, Brazil.

2014 - What came paint?, Plate space, London.
Voyeur(ism) to Exhibition(ism) Labyrinth Warehouse, London.
2013 - Hiding Finding Space, In the House - Sydenham.
2012 - In the House, Bingham st, London.
2011 - Three Weeks (a three week residency and series of exhibitions with artists Kirsty Palmer, Naomi Bourne, Will Lakey, Amanda Dobbratz, David Jack and Tawny Kerr) Studio 41, Glasgow.
2008 - Null and Void (an exhibition that brought together work from Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh art students. Curated by Liz Hayden and Leah Miller-Biot) Vic Gallery at the Glasgow School of Art.
2007 - Cascading Concrete (collaboration and performance with musician Chris Story as part of Close Projects)