Lauryna Masko

Location: London

The mirror of humanity and endowed with demiurgic power, through thousands of years, theater reflected and shaped the history of mankind. Readjusting its expression to its own time, it reached our age of deep cultural crisis with the challenge to reflect and question our contemporary world.
I believe that theater performance may influence our contemporary reality while offering a fun story that is told in a different way.
I went through a long process of immersing myself in theater studies that led to understanding of what it takes to stage a performance and the importance of the role set design plays in its presentation.
As a designer or a prop modeller I have worked on variety of productions in conventional theatres as Yard Theatre, Carlos Albert Youth theatre, National Theatre of San Joao, Coliseum do Porto as well as in alternative spaces collaborating with an independent theatre companies.
During the last years spent in UK apart of working in the theatre I have got experience working in fast passed film industry where here I worked in prop and costume departments in Pinewood, Leavesden, Shepperton and Longcross Studios. However, I prefer, more sincere and fairer way of telling a story through a theater performance.
I love to work in a way of devising where all individuals are able to have a share in the invention of a story and so make it richer and more interesting.
In my opinion the best stories are the result of communication and collaboration between people that come from diverse cultural backgrounds. Joining different life and artistic experiences emboldens sharing of skills and generates new ideas. The story constructed through such a collaborative process reveals a new understanding to the spectator.
I am fascinated and inspired by the aesthetics of the grotesque. Thanks to its mix of dark imagery and sharp humor, I consider it to be a perfect stylistic device to deliver a story to a contemporary audience.
To tell a story in a different way, it is what makes magic.