Ladies of The Press*

Location: East London

The Ladies of the Press* are Ana Čavić and Renee O'Drobinak: a performative press duo that re-imagines the role of the publisher and the publicist into a theatrical persona. Their decidedly multifarious practice involves mincing together print and performance in impromptu settings, often with unexpected results—in print, but not necessarily printed. Their work, on or off the page, enacts a 'press' through a multitude of guises, reinterpreting the act of pressing in an ongoing series of performances that play on the rules and roles of publishing, engage with a readymade idea of press and locate it firmly in contemporary art practice.
The Ladies of the Press* are known to appear (and disappear) in matching costumes at private views and arts events in a myriad of personas, including: press desk personalities; publicists reporting from under the table; on-the-go publishers inviting spectators to join their signature LIVE PRESS! performances of impromptu on site, against-the-clock zine-making; the Mincing Machine, a monstrous entity with two heads and four hands, coauthoring articles and crunching poetry in a giant red cape with the use of an out of control typewriter raining paper and ink. It's a theatre of the bizarre celebrating all things print—press and publishing through role-playing and performativity, involving chance elements and audience participation.

The Ladies of the Press* are the editors and publishers of the annual interdisciplinary arts magazine Cluster Arts Magazine as well as performing, conducting workshops, lecturing, and writing. Whether on or off the page, each theatrical incarnation of the notion of a press develop into personas, where press becomes theatre, and theatre becomes press. It is publishing, enacted.


(Forthcoming) 2013.10 Let's Publish Together (working title), Kulturni Centar GRAD, Belgrade, Serbia
2011.4-5 Ladies of the Press* Presents… at Five Years, London, UK

2013.3 The New Art of Making Books, Winchester School of Art, Winchester, UK

2012.12 When Rockets Burn Through Launch with Penned in the Margins, Toynbee Studios, London, UK
2012.11 I Didn't Realise You Wrote Such Bloody Awful Love Poetry, Five Years, London, UK
2012.10 Five Years Publications, Five Years, London, UK
2012.10 Art Licks Annual, ICA, London, UK
2012.9 Artist's Book Weekend, Five Years, London, UK
2012.9 Propositions: Discussions on Art Practice, Camberwell College of Art, London, UK
2012.7 (Im)Possible School Book. As Found., The Tanks at Tate Modern, London, UK
2012.7 Live and On Loan, Saison Poetry Library, Southbank Centre, London, UK
2012.6 The Restructure (Chris McCabe, Salt Publishing) Launch, The George, London, UK
2012.5 CHAIN, Lewisham Art Centre, London, UK
2012.5 FADOffice, Other Art Fair, Ambika P3, London, UK
2012.5 The News, Vanilla Gallery, Leicester, UK
2012.4 Maintenant, Richmix, London, UK
2012.2 A Pigeon, A Kitchen and an Annexe: Sites of Alternative Publishing, Five Years, London, UK

2011.12 Betsy Trotwood Christmas All-Dayer, Betsey Trotwood, London, UK
2011.11 BFAMI Charity Auction, Phillips de Pury & Company, London, UK
2011.10 You Call Him Doctor Jones!Penned in the Margins at The Bell Pub, London, UK
2011.10 It Started With a Car Crash: Alternative Educational Road Tour, Slade Research Centre, London, UK
2011.10 Sluice Art Fair, 26 Sth Molton Lane, London, UK
2011.10 This is Not a School, Five Years, London, UK
2011.6 Hey, You! What are You Hiding Under Your Art? Nightingale Theatre, Brighton, UK
2011.5 Be Seeing You, Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, London, UK
2011.4 The Goodbye Library, The Nave, London, UK
2011.4 Man/Machine, Richmix, London, UK
2011.4 London Word Festival opening, Toynbee Studios, London, UK
2011.3 Send My Love to Everyone in Japan, Quare, London, UK
2011.2 Testing Grounds - South Hill Park, South Hill Park, Bracknell, UK
2011.1 Testing Ground 2011, The Zabludowicz Collection, London, UK

2010.12 What's in a Collective? Part II at Brick Brooklyn, New York, NY, USA
2010.10 Art Licks Magazine Issue 1 Launch, Sassoon Gallery, London, UK
2010.10 Microperformance / The Agency Gallery, Deptford X Festival, London, UK
2010.9 PROP, Departure Gallery, London, UK
2010.8 Real Presence Exhibition, KONAC Knjeginje Ljubice, Belgrade, Serbia
2010.7 show six., Shift Gallery, London, UK
2010.6 LECTURE HALL.FREE SCHOOL, Bethnal Green Library, London, UK
2010.6 Scratch Nights, Milton Keynes Gallery, Milton Keyes, UK
2010.6 Microperformance, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, UK
2010.5 First Independent Book Arts and Publishing Fair, New Art Gallery, Walsall, UK
2010.5-6 London College of Communication's Summer Shows: Power of Ten, LCC, London, UK
2010.5 Thanks For Sharing!, D21 Kunstraum, Leipzig, Germany
2010.5 Sounds From the Other City, Islington Mill Studios and other venues, Salford, UK
2010.4 Microperformance, The Agency Gallery, London, UK
2010.4 The Closet and the Plank, The Blue Lagoon, Bristol, UK
2010.3 Cafe Carbon at Cafe Oto, Cafe Oto, London, UK
2010.3 Animal Magic! Microperformance at Scratch Nights, Milton Keynes Gallery, Milton Keynes, UK
2010.2 Field Recordings, Five Years, London, UK
2010.2 Testing Grounds, South Street, Reading, UK
2010.1 Art/Science, Architecture/Cycling and the Blue Moon Theory of Magazining, The Gallery, at Cowcross St, London, UK
2010.1 PAPER JAM, The Gallery at Goldsmiths College, London, UK

2009.12 The Glitter Arty, private studio exhibition, London, UK
2009.10 James Taylor Project, James Taylor Gallery, London, UK
2009.7 Testing Grounds, Permanent Gallery, Brighton, UK
2009.4 YES. YES. I KNOW. FREE SCHOOL. I KNOW., Five Years, London, UK
2009. 3-5 Enterprise 09 Festival, The Space, London, UK

2008.12 Cluster Arts Magazine Issue 2, the launch, The Space, London, UK
2008.5 Slade School of Fine Art Degree Show, UCL, London, UK
2008, London, UK

2007.12 Cluster Arts Magazine Issue 1, the launch, Nog Gallery, London, UK
2007.3 Turtle: Image/Music/Text, Woburn Square Research Studios, London, UK