Location: journeying out from her base in east london ....
Website: www.thedrawingshed.org

London based artist makes work exploring dis-quiet accumulating form as she works through performance, sculpture, drawing, sound and film; co-lead artist of the drawing shed, a durational project working with local people on two housing estates in east london, making interventions and curating projects.
In Nov 2015 in collaboration with Bobby Lloyd as The Light Collectors, Labern made work for Light and Dark Matters at Tate Modern, In 2016 in Psarades, Greece she made installation counterposing the border by splicing through common land rights and performing the filming in the Prespes lake at the watery point of the tri-border of Albania, Macedonia and Greece. She made performance works in Istanbul, Turkey on a residency as part of the Istanbul Design Biennial collaborating with Sinan Logie on making a semaphoric performance on the streets using dustpans transformed by fluoroflocking; In 2017 Labern after a two year residency with Jacques Nimki [dis]tinct launches with two months of a mile-wide east london community conversations about the value of [hidden]differences in a challenging world.


2017 [dis]tinct, a 2 year Arts Council England funded arts & science residency
with The Jenny Hammond Primary school and wider community
exploring the value of [hidden] difference, migration and climate change:
creating a trail of bronze insects, a giant mobile Periscope and a
collaborative commission with women scientists creating a small grafted
apple orchard to be added to each subsequent year with new grafts, new
2016 'Inside-Inside', Istanbul Design Biennial Residency, Semaphoric
Performance on the streets 'Desire : Comply+Resist'
2016 Psarades Greece, Residency and Exhibition of Border[en]counter with
'Ever Diminishing Returns' a line laid, temporarily splitting the Commons
2016 UEL, 'Non-Binary', 'Spit' and other works for doctorate 4th Yr show
2015 Labern&Lloyd - the drawing shed :
Sunday in the Park with Ed: Display Gallery, Holborn
Some[w]Here, PumpHouse Gallery, London
Artificial Sunshine: Bury, Manchester Light Night Festival
ASCUS, International Year of Light: 'How the Light gets in' Summerhall,
Tate Modern: Light and Dark Matters with The Public Typing Pool

Group Show: Identification - UEL ADI Gallery, London