Emma McClelland


Location: Hackney, London.
Website: www.knitster-ldn.com

Knitster LDN is a London based knit swatch house established by experienced knitwear designers Emma McClelland and Aysen Bayram. We also offer a full design and sampling service working with independent brands on catwalk pieces and bespoke projects.
Our studio is a hub of creativity and excitement where we collaborate with talented freelance knitters, artists and crafts people to create our swatches. We draw inspiration from all sources but maintain an integrity when it comes to research and look to culturally relevant contextual sources and aspirational vintage references.
At Knitster LDN we work in a very creative way by not only sketching but by knitting swatches and samples and using those to drape on the stand. We look at knitwear with a three dimensional approach and feel that to design the ultimate garment stitch, yarn, finish and silhouette all need to to considered in equal measure.
Alongside swatching, we offer:
Freelance Design Consultancy – working with brands and corporations we design and develop knitwear collections. We also consult with small brands on technical aspects of the knitwear manufacturing process including fitting and sample approval.
Sampling – working with small brands and start-ups that find it difficult to meet factory minimums we create their prototypes in house. This is a great support to the fashion industry as it means that small brands are able to explore knitwear and include it in their collections.
Production management – from client prototype we develop a factory package ready for production. This is not an aspect of the business that we want to focus on, it is a service we will offer only to clients who have sampled with us and cannot meet factory minimums.


We cannot exhibit our swatches as they are confidential because we sell the designs.
I have attached a link to a catwalk show that we designed the knitwear for. We are very proud of these pieces as they were all knit to couture standard without the use of automated machines.
As the knitter, we worked on the worlds first trackable block chain garment, we are both firm believers that sustainability is the future so this was a very exciting project. It came with a unique ID that made the garments journey from the Alpaca via the spinner through to the finished garment fully transparent.
Knitster LDN has an ongoing relationship with Cadbury where we use a combination of knitting innovation and technology to engage the audience. We worked on a live Twitter/Periscope competition where two pieces of knitting competed in a race. A row was knitted with every tweet and the first piece of knitting to make it to the finish line won. For the Christmas 2017 Cadvent campaign we knitted a 7 person jumper with the aim of bringing people together.