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Location: London

Karem Ibrahim, Egyptian artist, was born in Cairo 1969. He studied at Cairo Art Academy, UEL and the Slade School of Art (UCL) in London and has participated in national and international art shows and events. Affiliated with Critical Practice, a multi-disciplinary group, and member of the politically engaged Implicated Theatre group, he works in a variety of media.

Central to my work are my own observations and experiences.
Value, in both its theoretical and tangible meanings, is one of the most important issues that I deal with: the way things are seen and used, how fashions are followed and how things are viewed, priced, consumed and discarded. My work also touches on the relationship between the work and the viewer, engulfment, alienation and dislocation within a specific context.
Just as my experience of Egypt forms the greater part of my visual and social archive, many of the ideas I am currently exploring come from my present surroundings, namely London. However, I am still stimulated by issues which are of great relevance to the Middle East, such as inclusion and exclusion, borders and crossings, authority and bureaucracy, the dynamics of unequal power, arbitrariness and co-ercion, resistance to power, uneasiness, entrapment, tightness and comfort, availability of space, see-through walls and the world of the in-between.


Karem Ibrahim CV

Name :Karem Ibrahim
Date of Birth :18/12/1969
Place of Birth :Cairo, Egypt
Place of Residence :London, UK

Phone numbers : + 44 (0) 208 985 0128
: + 44 (0) 792 182 066
Email : kmkibrahim@yahoo.co.uk

Art Education
2008-Curant :research for PHD application Art and Social Design
2006-2008 :Masters Degree in Fine Art at The Slade School of
(University College, London)
2001-2004 : Bachelor Degree in Fine Art at The University of East London
2000-2001 : Access Into Art at Mary Ward Centre College, London

Exhibitions and Art-related Activities
Feb 2019, Crossing, sculptural work, in collaboration with Katharina Lökenhoff, GreatMore Studios, Cape Town, South Africa

Nov 2018 -ongoing, sculpture and artist talk, Even if they have been they will never come back ( https://www.somethingelseoff.com/)

May 2018, Progress-Digress-Regress instillation and sculptural work. Dakar Biennale, Senegal with Darb 17-18 (https://www.happening.media/category/magazine/en/article/5af32087c3ae623...)

January 2017
Presentation/ Workshop
Day with Karem Ibrahim
At Art El Lewa, Cairo, Egypt

15 November – 9 December 2016
Nov – Dec 2016 What Happens to Us | Wimbledon Space | Wimbledon school of art

2015-2016, #TransActing: A Market of Values, a project by Critical Practice. Chelsea School of Art, London http://www.criticalpracticechelsea.org/wiki/index.php/TransActing:_A_Mar...

June 2015, set design and performance, part of implicated theater, the cockpit theater London

2015, Assembling site specific instillation, and round table, Chelsea School of Art, London

June-July 2014, Artist in Residence, working and teaching at AVA Kaitak, Hong Kong.
July 2014, Performance, All what remains is you, AVA Kaitak, Hong Kong.

Nov 2011- January 2014, In Search of Europe, a multi-disciplinary project in collaboration with curators, artists and social scientists. This project culminated in an art show at the Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin, Oct 2013-Jan 2014. For more information see In search of Europe.

September – October 2013, Lamentations, Hoots and a Few Jubilations, a group show part of RE-Culture 2 with a 2D work titled Sadat my Father and I.

Ongoing since 2010, participant in all projects of Critical Practice, a multi-disciplinary group based in London, research into knowledge production and dissemination, and other issues.

July 2013, one day print work-shop event at the Serpentine Gallery, London

April 2013 One Person’s Trash is Another’s Treasure
A two-day project with Critical Practice, CCW and Folke Kobberling at Chelsea School of Art

February 2013, Serpentine Gallery, Centre for Possible Studies, London.
Embassy Ball, public performance with Implicated Theatre working with the Augusto Boal method. For more information see Embassy Ball.

February 2013, Screening of my short film Split Frame, as part of Cameras & Cabinets an event in Richard Wentworth’s Black Maria, London, see Film Screening.

October-November 2012, showing of Special Place (Fake Project) in Mobility and Identity, Re-Culture/Contemporary Art as a way of perceiving European Identity in Patra, Greece. Fore more information see Mobility & Identity.

September 2012, conceptualising, facilitating and actualising P2P Exchange in collaboration with some Critical Practice members, in Truth is Concrete, culture marathon, Graz, Austria. For more information see P2P.

September 2012, art lecture on ‘The Use of Different Modes of Art Production and the Appearance of New Groups of Art Producers in the Arab Spring (with emphasis on Tunisia, Egypt and Syria)’, held at Kings University, London, as part of the Arts & Humanities Festival 2012. For more information see Kings art talk.

February 2012, art lecture ‘Narrating the Arab Spring’, at a conference organised by The Women and Memory Forum in collaboration with CASAW, at the English Literature Department of Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt. For more information see Narrating the Arab Spring

January 2012, presenting and facilitating film screening of ‘Al Ard’ by Youssef Chahine at the Centre of Possible Studies, Serpentine Gallery, London

June 2011, Everything is Exceptional a project incorporating a recording studio, sound installation and Facebook page, in collaboration with Linda Pollack at Wyspa Institute of Art, Gdansk, Poland, for more information see Everything is Exceptional

April 2011, Screen installation in a group exhibition, Myth, Migration & Egyptomania, Petrie Museum, London

Nov 2010, installation and video screening, Utopia Project Archive 2006 –2010 Institute of Contemporary Greek Art1, Athens

October 2010, short film (Split Frame) as part of the Resonance FM stand at the Frieze Art Fair

October 2010, First facilitation event by a collaboration project with M. Blejec. Screenings of two films by Austrian artist, Daniela Swarowsky, at three venues in London

September 2010, solo exhibition at Quare, London, two works and installation and a Printing Machine.

May 2010, Bridge Between Two Walls, work on zerostretch

September 2009- June 2010, Sculpture tutor @marywardcentre.ac.uk

October-November 2009, research trip facilitated by a Slade School travel grant to Hokkaido Japan and Sakhalin Island, Russia, into the remnants and the residue of memory of the Ainu Culture.

October 2008, group exhibition in Lisbon, installation and performance Food For All (Sales Man in a Suit)

July 2008, Crete, Greece, work in progress, Food For All project, in collaboration with five other artists.

July 2008, MA end of year show, Special Place II.

May 2008, Through Space, large labyrinth construction and a decree of transition of ownership

October 2007, Interim group show (Slade School of Art), London, UK, large installation, aluminium structure, cling film and video screening.

July 2007, Group show in Crete, Greece, large outdoor installation/performance, Special place (fake project) cling film, line, cardboard, bamboo and stamps.

May 2004, End of year Group Show, University of East London, London, UK, two large metal sculpture works, Direction, Two Objects in Bed.

April 2004, Group Show at Trinity Buoy Wharf, London, UK, two works (site- specific interventions), metal column and wooden ramp.

November 2003-February 2004, One-Man Show at UEL, London, UK, large sculptural installation, Two Entrances.

May 2003, End of Year Group Show at UEL, London, UK, collection of works, installations, objects and film screening.

May 2002, End of Year Group Show at UEL, London, UK, collections of mobiles, installations and paintings.

July 2001, Group Exhibition at Mary Ward Centre College, London, UK, concrete sculptures, paintings, prints and photographs.

Prizes and Awards

2009, The Boise Travel Scholarship.

2008, Slade Award, The Julia Wood Prize in recognition of excellence in articulating spatial constructs.

2007, Short-listing for Wigan Public art project prize.

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