Kevin Gavaghan


Location: Currently Enfield And North London

I was made in 1970 in the UK by the Irish and I am an artist and Painter.

For me, real original art that can stir ones soul, provoke ones thought, take one to somewhere emotional and brings people together.

I paint because i believe in the search for colour in dark places. Life is gloriously imperfect with perfect moments.

I believe, that when one connects with a work of art, it can provide a moment of escape that takes you away to a memory, a moment of happiness, sadness, love, calmness, or it lights a fire within ones soul.

I work in various mediums, oil paint, acrylic, inks, digital. I am self taught and my work is organic and born from core emotions and memories. Strongly influenced by my feelings, good and bad, my surroundings and life experiences. I only really took to painting art in my 30s but had a long standing, undeveloped love of creating and viewing art from a young age.

I had (Tourette) Tics from the age of 12 and this developed into anxiety attacks in my twenties. It was a constant interruption and challenge in my life, my education, my work and my love of art, however, art was also an escape from the challenge of living with 'Tics' and has strongly influenced the person i am today and the art i create.

I sincerely hope you enjoy my art, and, if you want to go a step further and talk about my art or any other for that matter (even any non art related topics) drop me a contact and have a chat...I am very friendly


Ghost Gallery pop up exhibitions.
Thatched House, Hammersmith
Dec 15
March 16
The Lord Palmerston
June 16