Kitty Jenkins


Location: London

Kitty Jenkins is a graduate from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (2010), with a background in painting. Through her large scale, abstract paintings she attempts to address the complexities of the human figure, portraying it not through pure imitation but rather through the creation of a fractured and multi-faceted structure made up from separate fragments.Influenced by themalleablenature of the human figure Kittyseeks to tear down and rebuild the notion of the painted figure. Within the paintings unity is swapped in favour of fragmentation; the starting point for the painting being a series of figurative subjects photographed and then dissected and overlapped in order to re-create the figure as a dual subject. Through this process the concept of individuality and singularity is subverted in favour of a clashing, abstracted mesh of references - a limb, a torso from one subject placed upon another so that there exists no real sense of identity to the figure.
The aim is not to portray a particular identity;it isthe complete opposite. The finished result holds no responsibility to likeness or to an emotional connection between painter and subject but rather to the experimentation and relationship with structure and paint. The paintings seek to avoid classification, they are a series of conflicts; being neither entirely abstract nor clearly figurative. Untitled, with a complex system of layering, lines and glazes placed upon an empty background of block colour the paintings have a tendency to inhabit a certain ambiguity.The works are influenced from a number of references - photographic, painterly, and literary (both classic and contemporary) and thus reflect a fractured and combined conception. The spontaneous use of colour and shape and harsh lines is an attempt to move the figure away from pre-conceived notions and instead re-structure it as a changeable form influenced by, but belonging to no particular movement and style - abstraction, cubism, realism etc.


.Commission of four works for a private building in Milan 2012

.Private Commission 2011
. Cross Section: A survey of graduate and post graduate film, paintings and prints - Inaugural Exhibition. Curator: Alex Fox. Blackfriars Road Gallery, London. 2010
.CSM 2010 - BA(Hons) Fine Art Degree Show.
Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London. 2010
. Foundation Exhibition.
Byam Shaw School of Art 2007