Kinga Pilarska


Location: Forest Gate

My work currently takes an interest in some aspects or another in today’s housing crisis, youth, and immigration. My work also relates to the youth as young people are mainly affected by the housing issue. By making work for them or with them I feel as if it is important to make them feel known as they are the everyday victims of this issue.
In my recent project I have experimented with proportions raging from very large scale work to quite small. I have explored the idea of shelter and home in more detail. I’ve been looking more at house/ shelter structures and being more aware of how they fit and are made rather then what they stand for. I think it was important for me to throw myself into creating these large scale sculptures just to prove to myself that there are no limitations in what I can make, it also gave me more confidence as an artist to use new materials and actually experiment without a plan.


• Wasted, 2016. University of Hertfordshire – Group Private View
• Art in Site, January 2016. Courtyards Arts, Hertford – Group Exhibition. Lightbox, 2015
• Talk Amongst Yourself, February 2015. Art and Design Gallery, University of Hertfordshire – group exhibition.
• Curation of Curiosities, July 2016. Free Range, Shoreditch, London. – Group Exhibition. Safe House 2016, Found Piece of Red Wood, 2016, Untiled, 2016.