Kimberley Marren

Location: London

Having lived in London as an Actress and Model for 11 years, I've seemed to have seen much of Londons living. I've Been intrigued and inspired by the way each and everyone lives and continuously curriouse as to why we are here. Having been drawn to art more over the past few years, firstly it was to be able to explore story telling, painting water colour pictures/posters for a set of short children's stories I've written, then I quickly started to feel the need to use art/painting as an expression of my thoughts towards today's world, the people and their emotions. Feeling fueld by current world issues and also purely the grand beautiful stage we all stand on called earth, I yearn to create paintings/art to evoke thought and feelings, also some projects creating questions of much importance for the age we are living in.


I am currently working towards creating a Collection of Paintings to exhibit.