Catherine Watson


Location: London

Recently completed the postgraduate 'Drawing Year' at the Royal Drawing School; awarded the Trustees Prize. Graduated from Goldsmiths in 2010 with an MA in Art and Politics.

Has exhibited in London, Oxford and the South East, in both solo and group shows. Has programmed and curated a month-long arts festival in Oxford that celebrated the ancient and no less beguiling paper sheet, and all the things that can happen on it. Included a changing exhibition program, celebrating painting, printmaking and drawing; a program of workshops – for children and families and as professional development opportunities – talks and events complementary of and complemented by the exhibition program.

Has run workshops for professional artists, and children, including: Big Draw 2015 at the Bodliean Library in Oxford for all ages; collaboration workshop for artists working with images and text; and a series of drawing workshops at the Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford.

Worked as part of small team on an Arts Council funded new work and collaboration platform for artists of all sorts and flavours. This included the planning and delivery of a one-day arts festival as well as a regular monthly event.



2017/18: The Drawing Year End of Year Exhibition, London

2017: The Best of the Drawing Year, Christies, London

2017: Royal Drawing School Open Studios, London

2015: Hue, Arts at the Old Fire Station, Oxford

2014: New Works by Sebastian Thomas and Catherine Watson, Love Your Plane, Oxford

2014: Catalogue of Uncertainties, Missing Bean, Oxford

2014: Slow Tidy Growth, Arts at the Old Fire Station, Oxford

2014: Drawing Week and Print Week as part of Makers’ Month: 2D Arts Festival, Oxford

2014: Playground Arts Festival, Oxford

2013: Artificial Standard, Arts at the Old Fire Station, Oxford.

2011: Water Drawings, Toilet Gallery, London

2010: Ishihara, Queen of Hoxton, London

2010: Paper and Pens, The Gramaphone, London

2009: Ishihara, Book Club, London

2008: Ishihara, Sixty Million Postcards, Bournemouth

2008: Homology, Utrophia, London



2014: Updraft, Brew, Oxford

2012: Throwing Dust, Arts at the Old Fire Station, Oxford



2014: Makers’ Month: 2D: a month long arts festival championing the ‘flat arts’, with a changing exhibition schedule of shows dedicated to drawing, painting and printmaking, plus a programme of workshops, talks and events.

2013 - 14: co-organising Playground, a monthly new work and collaboration platform for artists of all disciplines, including co-organising a one-day festival. Funded by Arts Council England



2015: 3D Mapping: 3D collage workshop as part of the Big Draw

2015: Sheet Seas and Flat Mountains: 3D collage workshop as part of Playgound Arts Festival, Oxford

2014: Live drawing event as part of Makers’ Month: 2D Arts Festival

2014: Free Table: collaboration free-for-all as part of Makers’Month: 2D Arts Festival

2014: 10 week series of drawing workshops culminating in an exhibition with the Pitt Rivers Museum

2013: Three Dimensions in Two: talk at Playground

2012: An Aesthetic of Landscape: talk at Playground