Keiichi Matsuda

Location: London

Keiichi Matsuda (BSc. MArch) is a designer and film-maker. His research examines the implications of emerging technologies for human perception and the built environment. Keiichi is interested in the dissolving boundaries between virtual and physical, working with video, architecture and interactive media to propose new perspectives on the city. He has exhibited his work internationally, from London’s V&A Museum to the Art Institute of Chicago, the New York MoMA, and Shanghai EXPO. He has been published extensively in print and online, and has won awards for design, drawing, speaking and filmmaking.


Hyper-Reality, BVLGARI Hotel, London 2016
Not Here, Not Now (with Dunne & Raby), Geymüllerschlössel Vienna, 2015
Mini Design Frontiers, Design Junction, London, 2014
Cell, Audi City Codes, Beijing 2013
City of Counterlight, Shanghai 2013
The Rite of Spring, Oosterport Groningen, Holland 2013
Soft Array, Windows Studio SXSW, Austin TX, USA 2013
Cell, 3 on the Bund, Shanghai 2012
The Always-on Telephone Club, Modern Jago, London 2012
Prism, Victoria and Albert Museum, London 2012
Talk to Me, Museum of Modern Art, New York 2011
Made Up: Design’s Fictions, Art Center College of Design, California 2011
Hyperlinks, The Art Institute of Chicago 2010 - 2011
Shanghai EXPO 2010
Onedotzero, Citystates 2010, BFI, London 2010
Alpha-Ville 2010, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London 2010
Onedotzero, Terrain 09, BFI, London 2009
Lord Mayor’s Show, City of London 2008